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Simpalm is a reliable and affordable mobile app development company in Virginia for more than ten years. Consequently, our roster of successfully delivered mobile apps tops 300 and includes Startups, Enterprises, Government organizations, Educational Institutions, and Nonprofits. The Simpalm alchemy enables us to spin creative visions into golden mobile apps, delivered within budgetary and time-to-market constraints.

Simpalm uses a battle-tested approach to mobile development based on our real-world experience. Each engagement includes documentation and discussion of strategy, system architecture, design, workflow, cost analysis, and optimization. Simpalm uses both adaptive and predictive development methodologies, depending on the project and the client’s needs. Most importantly, Simpalm’s app developers in Virginia use best practice methods to deliver technically elegant, robust, and scalable solutions.

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The Simpalm Process: Agile Development .

1. Discovery and Ideation

In this preliminary stage of the development process; Simpalm gathers information while discussing the project scope and requirements and ensures that every important nuance and detail is captured in the documents. This phase includes discussion , brainstorming and asking right questions. Outcomes of this step is documenting the application’s requirements, functionality, and workflow.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

One of the most important reasons to have a mobile app for your business is to provide more value to your customers. The mobile apps allow your business to directly connect with the customers. The mobile apps also help to build strong brand value in the market and provide a direct marketing channel that will boost your profit.
Everything begins with an idea, and we know – every thought is important. We assure you that your app idea will stay confidential with us. To do so, we consent to Non-Disclosure Arrangement (NDA) before any discussion. We guarantee strict protection and organization measures to prevent unapproved sharing of data.Read our blog to learn more: How can You Protect Your Mobile App Idea?
You do not require much technical knowledge at all, because the technical part is to be managed by us. You only need to tell us what you would like to have in your mobile application. The rest shall be done by us.
You need a developer account to publish the apps to the app stores.If your apps support different platforms like Android or iOS, then you need to publish the apps for all platforms separately. The app stores review the apps before publishing. It will take a few hours to a day(depending on the type of platform) to get published in the app stores.
You can achieve this by various methods. You should build a website where you can have links to download the app. You can also make posts on social media accounts like Linkedin, facebook, Twitter. You can also do a press release about the launch of the app. Protection Status