1 The Client

Ducknowl is a SaaS company based in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 2019,  Ducknowl’s goals are to solve the recruiting problems for staffing companies and larger employers.

2 The Challenge

Founders saw a problem in the recruiting space, when recruiters post a job and get tons of resumes, it becomes very difficult to screen and asses the candidates. Recruiters spend hours in reading the resumes, calling candidates, scheduling video interviewees, conducting skill assessment to identify the right candidates for the job. Several of these are repeat tasks and recruiters kill man hours in doing repeat tasks. Available software’s in the market are fragmented, doing only one step of the process. Founders saw the problem as an opportunity to build a complete end to end screening and assessment software for recruiters. Founding team reached out to Simpalm to use their expertise in SaaS product development.

3 The Solution

We built a Web App, Mobile App and Backend Server

Simpalm is one of the best app development company in Chicago, we designed and developed a large scale web application, backend engine and a mobile app for Ducknowl. The web application is used by the company admins and recruiters to setup the jobs, invite candidates for the screening, conduct video interviews, perform skill assessments and share the results with hiring managers. The platform has a resume screening function that reads the resumes and ranks them based upon the Keyword AI. Recruiters can setup questions for video interviews and see the candidate’s response. Candidate interface allow candidates to submit the video response and also do the online skill assessment. AI proctoring ensures that candidates are not cheating in the test with the help of Google and their friends. The mobile app is built for candidates who wants to submit the interview or skill test via iPhone devices. Simpalm has been supporting and enhancing the platform since 2019.

The Recruiter Experience

Job Dashboard

  • Recruiter can Add/Manage Jobs
  • Recruiter can manage the job status
  • Recruiter can see analytics like candidates applies, and placement.

Screening Dashboard

  • Allows recruiters to see all resumes
  • Recruiters can send text messages to candidates to engage
  • Recruiters can manually upload the resumes.

Resume Screening

  • Recruiters can setup the keywords for the resumes
  • Using KeywordAI, the system ranks the resumes based upon the keyword frequency, weightage and importance.
  • Saves hours for recruiters from reading the resumes

Video Interviews

  • Recruiters set up the questions for candidates.
  • Think time feature allows recruiters to ask a surprise question
  • Recruiters can see all the video responses and rate them.
  • Recruiters can share the video response with hiring managers.

The Admin Experience

View Analytics/Reports

  • See detailed job reports by users and jobs
  • See data like resumes received, video screening done and skill assessment used.
  • See keyword match graph and job analytics.

Manage Users

  • Admin can add/edit/delete recruiters.
  • Control the access level
  • Login as a recruiter and see hoe they are performing

Settings/ Integrations

  • You can set up integration with various ATS.
  • Setup your company logo and email signature branding
  • Manage security access

The Candidate Experience

Invitation/Hardware Testing

  • Candidate receive invitation in the email
  • Candidate test the hardware for internet speed and camera/audio

Perform Video Interview

  • Candidates can record answers to all the questions.
  • Candidate has a timer and think time feature.
  • Candidates can do multiple retakes and a test question

Perform Skill Test

  • Candidates can perform the skill test of multiple choice questions.
  • System will alert them if candidates do google search.
  • System take random photo to make sure there is no other person in the room.

Customer App Features


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