The Client.

Collabri is headquartered in London, UK.

Collabri app

The Challenge.

The internet is piled up with the marketplaces that facilitate offering and availing the services. Client envisioned a platform where service seekers and providers nearby could be brought together for the day to day small works. Challenge was that people in the neighborhood did not have a way to connect and offer services, Collabri was designed to tackle this challenge.

The Solution.

Simpalm is top startup app development company and has developed an iOS and Android Application where users can post the work they want to get done and users with particular skills set can post their Ad for the the services they are available for in some locations. Eventually this App acts as a bridge for them to meet and get their job done. This App has a very simple yet modern UI UX . Since this App is designed and developed with the categories dedicatedly for the day to day services; it is very easy and quicker to sort, filter and find what you exactly need; no bloating.


Mobile App Features.

Collabri app

Bring You Closer to what you Need.

  • iconFilter and sort to find the right fit job or helpers.
  • iconFilter and sort by locations, radius, hourly wages and ratings.
  • iconSee the jobs and helpers on a map or in a list view.
Collabri app

Discover Job near you.

  • iconApp asks you to enable your location and suggests jobs and helpers accordingly.
  • iconExplore all jobs and helpers on a map with icons depicting particular helpers and jobs.
  • iconExplore jobs and helpers in other cities as well.
  • iconTap on the icons to see the work and help Ads.
  • iconApply/Request directly.
Collabri app

Do what you are passionate about.

  • iconCreate your work Ad for the work you want some help with.
  • iconSet hourly rate, time and schedules.
  • iconSee the offers and respond to them in a chat box.
  • iconSee your current Ads in the ‘Active’ tab and the expired one in the Archive tab.
Collabri app

Create your own opportunities.

  • iconCreate your own Ads to promote your talent for free.
  • iconCheck the offers received.
  • iconChat instantly.
  • iconManage your listings and schedules.
  • iconChange them as needed.
Collabri app

Chat, Plan and communicate.

  • iconAccept the offer and get connected via direct messaging.
  • iconCheck proposed schedule; accept or suggest any other schedule.
  • iconStay apprised of progress in chat and via notifications. Protection Status