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The great rise in social media has changed our communication methods. Everyone has come much closer using social media apps, and Startups have played a big role in building these apps. Being a leading Social media app development company, we beautifully design and develop social media apps by following and adopting the latest trends in the market. We utilize and apply our several years of experience in social media apps development and help businesses to connect with their customers to create a long-term relationship and a strong bond with them. Following are our strength in Social media app development:
  • We have 12+ Years of experience in building Social Media Apps.
  • We create Visually Appealing UI/UX for Social Mobile Apps.
  • We have built several types of Social Media Apps for Brand Awareness, Promotional, Communities, Groups and Individuals, Contests, Quizzes, News, Surveys, Dating Services, Real-Time messaging, Rewards, Loyalty Programs and etc.
  • We do full beta testing with 100 user or more to find out all the bugs before the final launch.
  • Ability to integrate Social Media Apps with any type of backend like Amazon AWS, Azure, PHP, .Net.
  • Ability to add Analytical tools in the app to capture user’s data and generate reports.

Social Media App Development Services In USA.

Our App Development Process .

1. Discovery and Ideation

Before project estimation, Simpalm partners with clients to ensure the cohesion of apps from start to finish. The process of documenting the application’s requirements, functionality, and workflow invariably reveal holes that the collaborative team patches and polishes during this creative process.

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Key Features We have Implemented for Social Media App Development:

Inside any social media app or platform, there are hundreds of attractive features to engage users the whole day. Simpalm mobile app developers have several years of experience in implementing custom mobile features that target specific user needs and fulfill the objective of our client.

  • In this listing we heavily use Location Based Services to search nearby users on map, search users in proximity with the help of Geofencing,
  • Ability to integrate with several third-party APIs like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Payment Gateways, Google Place and etc.
  • Third Party SDKs/APIs to implement fast Chatting, Video Chatting, Video Calling, Group Calling and user-to-user messaging.
  • Photo/Video Sharing, Editing,
  • Wall Post with Follow, Like, Comment, Share and other social features.
  • Custom push notification is one of our special skills in social media application development.

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How We build Your Social Media App?

Social Media is actually more than a single platform that connects not only people to people but it also connects you with groups, community, organizations, companies, brands, technology, products, services and more especially games that is why Simpalm begin with the suitable design and development methodology to build rich and features apps. We closely work with our Client and brainstorm the requirements, finalize the feature list, research the market, and invest potential energy in building an appropriate solution. Find below the list of process that we follow in social media app development:

  • Each new fresh idea came up with interesting facts that might become a competing product to the existing business in the market. We help the client to brainstorm the idea and suggest what to do to make it sensible and suitable to compete with others by delivering a unique solution to their customers.
  • We analyze the client requirements and their business needs in order to provide them some thoughtful suggestions and technical points (constrains, capabilities, third party solution, and best effective approach).
  • We help clients in research, finalize the functional and non-functional requirements to bring a new finest product to life.
  • We create beautiful and well-specified wireframes that represent the business model, application features and benefits.
  • We create user-friendly graphical designs of mobile and web social media applications that give best in class user experience.
  • We develop robust and highly scalable mobile and web applications because social media is very dynamic and users always look for new attractive and engaging features. We develop these apps in several phases with unique and customized features.

Who Do We Work For.

Our Clients.

Social Media App Developers by Simpalm
Social Media App Developers by Simpalm
Social Media App Developers by Simpalm
Social Media App Developers by Simpalm
Social Media App Developers by Simpalm

Frequently Asked Questions.

Today Smartphones play an essential role in an individual’s world. Thousands of mobile apps in different categories are available for download. With other industries, Social media apps are also gaining popularity. Almost everyone wants to be engaged in social life, make support and friends. It is one of the best platforms for advertising your product to a vast audience. So yes, it is worth investing in social media apps, as they provide a powerful channel to stay connected with friends or getting updated about the new products.
Simpalm has a team of experts in designing and developing modern mobile app solutions that seamlessly work across all devices. Social media apps have become integral to our everyday lives, most organizations do not have the expertise and capabilities needed to keep up with the technology. That’s why we provide full-service digital agency capabilities that enable us to be a long-term partner and not just a one-time vendor to our association clients. Simpalm provides end-to-end mobile application development services, including design, coding, testing, deployment, and support.
Social media apps make life much easier as people can keep themselves connected to the world through professional social networks or personal social networks. Some of the main benefits of investing in social media apps are 1. It improved brand loyalty: through social networking app, Customers can chat and provide feedback, and businesses can guide them instantly, thus increasing loyalty. 2. Increase conversion rates: through a social media app, you can cover a vast and targeted audience that will boost conversions. 3. Helps to understand customer behavior and improve CRM. 4. Provide a great customer experience.
For the development of a successful social media app, several essential features need to consider that should be included in-app. Some of them are 1. Connectivity: it allows people to stay connected with their friends and family across the world. 2. Platform: choosing the right platform for app development is a very important point to be consider. 3. Push notification. 4. Customize user profile. 5. Security, supports, and updates. Protection Status