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Grow your Non-Profit Organization with a Mobile App or Web Solution

We have been developing web and mobile solutions since 2009 and have built more than 200 successful applications for nearly every industry imaginable. Of all the work we’ve done, none has been more satisfying or impactful than our work with nonprofit organizations, membership associations, and other organizations that depend on community-building tools and strategies.


Our affordable custom mobile applications are right fit for nonprofits and associations. We start with unifying features that help organizations share information and resources, then add tools and capabilities that provide real value to association members.


Our applications create self-contained, secure, easily accessed communities enabling:

  • 24×7 easy communication and sharing of information and resources
    Efficient project planning and management
  • Comprehensive event planning and management, from attracting sponsors to issuing invitations to tracking RSVPs
  • Convenient membership promotions that make enrollment and fee payments easy
  • Effective volunteer management and recognition
  • Painless surveying to measure the pulse of the community
  • Valuable focusing of membership, donors, volunteers, and other members of the community, on news and issues that are most important to them
  • Fundraising events and campaigns that generate attention and enthusiasm

Why Should Nonprofits Choose Simpalm for Mobile Apps?

Simpalm understands that effective community-building demands mobile and web solutions that are responsive in design and work seamlessly across all devices. We also understand that while mobile applications and web solutions have become integral to our everyday lives, most organizations do not have the expertise and capabilities needed to keep up with the technology. That’s why we provide start-to-finish service for your project, including:

  • Establishing business goals and requirements Conceptual design
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design
  • Software development and testing
  • Cloud Backend development and support
  • Launch, App Store positioning, marketing, and maintenance support.

We have a record of demonstrated success in working with nonprofit organizations, associations, and institutes. From small membership associations, to world-recognized academic institutions, Simpalm has provided effective, affordable, and successful, customized mobile app solutions that work on all mobile platforms, iPad, notebook, and desktop devices.With Simpalm you get:

  • Experienced developers who understand the requirements of nonprofit organizations
  • Comprehensive service from UI/UX design, to iPhone, Android, and iPad app development, to responsive web development and marketing, all from one place
  • Development costs designed to be affordable to nonprofit organizations
  • Customized, brand-rooted mobile apps and web solutions
  • Post-production maintenance and support

We Understand What Nonprofits Need Most

Every nonprofit organization has its own culture, goals, resources, and needs. We have learned that the best way to help a nonprofit organization, is to carefully listen so that we can learn its strengths, challenges, opportunities, and competitive pressures. We build superior mobile applications and web solutions for nonprofit organizations, because we take the time to understand what is most important to them, their clients, donors, members, volunteers, and everyone else in their community.

Below, you’ll find some examples of the work we’ve done for nonprofit organizations. Call us to learn how we can help grow your organization.

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