Hire Dedicated Developers
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Hire Dedicated Developers
from Simpalm.

Simpalm’s dedicated development team provides immediate access to our extensive pool of skilled solution architects, software developers, QAs and other technology resources. Simpalm excels in building successful technology teams through collaboration and innovation. Our commitment to staying with industry best practices ensures our agility and fast development. We offer various collaboration models, allowing you to select the one that best aligns with your project and business needs. Hire our dedicated developers to build your cost-effective in-house team.

Hire Dedicated Developers

We Have Multiple Tech Stacks Developers for Hire?

Mobile App Developers

Simpalm’s app developers use the most recent frameworks and technologies to offer secure, user-friendly, and innovative business solutions based on your needs.

ios app developer
Dedicated iOS Developers
android app
Dedicated Android Developers
react developer
Dedicated React Native Developers

Frontend Developers

We have team of skilled developers expert in delivering interactive front-end solution for startups, enterprises, and non-profits.

Dedicated React Developers
Angular developer
Dedicated Angular Developers

Backend Developers

Our experts specialize in backend development, ensuring that your app functions smoothly, securely, and efficiently.

php developer
Dedicated PHP Developers
Dedicated NodeJs Developers
Dedicated Python Developers

Why Hire Dedicated Developers from Simpalm?

  • 1

    Access to a large pool of technical specialists.

  • 2

    Rapid deployment and on-time delivery of projects.

  • 3

    A team of highly experienced developers

  • 4

    Our developers undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they meet your project requirements.

  • 5

    Our dedicated developers are flexible in working within US time zones, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration.

Hire Dedicated Developers

How to Hire Dedicated Developers from Simpalm.


1. Share your requirements

We’ll arrange a brief call to gain a comprehensive understanding of your development requirements. Rest assured, your information will be handled with utmost security and confidentiality.


2. Simpalm will shortlist potential candidates

We will conduct a robust screening process and shortlist the right candidates for you according to your project requirements.


3. Client conducts interview and makes a final decision

Now you can start interviewing the shortlisted candidates. You can assess their technical skills, problem-solving capability, and compatibility with company culture then make your final decision.


4. Developers are assigned to your project

Following the interview process, we will allocate the chosen developers to your project with the aim of facilitating their smooth integration into your team. Our priority is to ensure that the developer is well-prepared to seamlessly engage with your project from the outset.


5. Developers start coding and reporting

Once you’ve made your team selection, the development phase starts. We provide regular progress updates and transparent reporting. We maintain close collaboration with you throughout the development process, ensuring that every facet of the project remains in sync with your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions.

A dedicated development team is a group of skilled professionals hired exclusively to work on a specific project or set of tasks for a client. They work remotely or on-site and are fully dedicated to the client’s project for a defined period.
Hiring dedicated developers offers several advantages, including access to specialized skills, cost-efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and the ability to focus on core business activities while experts handle the technical aspects.
The cost of hiring dedicated developers varies based on factors like location, expertise, project complexity, and duration. Typically, you can expect hourly rates ranging from $25 to $150 or more, depending on these variables and the specific skills required for your project.
Our dedicated developers model covers the following services: Software development, App development, Web development, Front-end development, Backend development, Support and many more.