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Simpalm establishes superb working relationships with Startups because of shared sensibilities. We have the scrappiness of a startup tempered by a rock-solid process for scoping, estimating, and delivering projects. Begun in 2009 by two technologists and entrepreneurs, fast-moving, targeted, technical projects are intertwined in Simpalm’s DNA. Our success speaks for itself – Simpalm has hundreds of completed projects under our belt. Being a leading startup mobile app development company, Simpalm has designed, developed, deployed, and supported several mobile and web solutions for startups and entrepreneurs. We help startups eagerly looking to set up their online presence and increase their customer base with the help of robust and user-friendly mobile and web applications.

Challenges In Startup Software Development.

Delivering Business Value for Startups.

Startups are always short on something – expertise, time, money – or a combination of the three. Partnering with Simpalm addresses all three shortages. Simpalm’s expertise in scoping and estimating allows us to fit a solution within budgetary and time constraints. Being a leading startup app development company, our team of designers and technologists guarantees the delivery of beautiful, technically sound solutions.

App development companies for Startups
App development companies for Startups
App development companies for Startups
App development companies for Startups
App development companies for Startups
App development companies for Startups

Frequently Asked Questions.

Simpalm is a leading software development company with over 10 years of experience in designing and developing custom software. We have been delivering mobile, web, and MVP softwares for startups. We build Software applications like social networking, on-demand delivery, lifestyle, billing & invoicing, inventory management, data handling, data processing, and many more. We follow advanced development methodologies and approaches in building high-performance applications for startups
For enterprise app development, it is necessary to have strong documentation, predictability, security, and extensive logging. In general, they are more complex due to different levels of access and functionality for different roles. Applications for enterprises should be customizable, business-oriented, integrated with other software that’s used at the enterprise, and, most importantly, scalable.
When developing applications for startups, we need to move fast and lean. Most process management is done by Agile methodology. Agile is oriented toward a teamwork environment and represents evolutionary development. We typically take a lead product development strategy where we quickly build the learner product, launch it and get the feedback.
MVP is a process where a new product is developed with core features, to test how the target audience would respond. It not only validates your app idea but also helps you to decide for further development of your mobile product. MVP helps in testing, designing, and delivering the final product.
Our MVP development process works in 4 simple steps. First, we understand your business requirements, which is one of the most important processes while developing a mobile app. you should prepare a business plan and align your business with the mobile app.
Second, Decide the core features of your app, you should prepare the feature list that you want to include in your app. The third step is to prepare the wireframe and prototype. After deciding on the core features, we will prepare a wireframe for your app. The wireframes will provide you an overview of your app performance. The fourth step is to build and test your app. Once you finalize the app design and core feature, we will develop your MVP app. After development, we should perform a quality assurance test for your app to check the performance. Now you can publish your app on app stores and collect the responses of the users.
Mobile apps are now more popular among businesses and service providers. Among every industry, mobile apps have proved their marketing value and established themselves as an effective communication channel with the audience. Some of the main benefits of mobile apps for startups are 1. It helps startups to build direct marketing channels between their business and customers. 2. It improves business accessibility. You can send notifications about your new services and products. 3. Provide value for customers. 4. Increase brand awareness and recognition. 5. Helps you stand out from the competitors.
Simpalm is ready to help you whether you are looking to build a prototype for funding, an MVP to validate your product idea, or full product development to bring your app idea to life.
The prototype, we can create a test version of your product by creating a clickable prototype. MVP, If you want to validate your business idea first, you can go for the second option i.e. Minimum Valuable Product (MVP). We can build an MVP for you that will demonstrate the core functionality of the product. Full product development, we start with business requirements and modeling to set up business goals, then we do UI/UX designing part and after that, both frontend and backend development of your product is done.
It is very tough to say the exact cost for app development. The app development cost depends upon various factors such as 1. Type of app you want to develop. 2. Features needed in the app. 3. Design required in the app. 4. whether it is a consumer app or a business app. 5. Location. 6. App complexity: API integration, and several other factors.
To learn more about app development costs, read our blog on How Much Does it Cost to Create an App.

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