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We Serve Several Verticals

Simpalm provides specialized consultancy in information technology to several clients in North America. Simpalm has gained strategic knowledge in Software Development, Mobile Technologies, Responsive Web Development, Business Analysis, Quality Assurance and Project Implementation in last five years for several industries and solved real time problems at all levels of Product Development Lifecycle. We have built strong knowledge base in following industries

Some Industries

  • Startups/SME
  • Government IT
  • Digital Health
  • Education
  • Ecommerce/ Mcommerce
  • Non Profit Organization

What We Can Provide To Various Industries

We provide our expertise and experience to solve your challenge.
  • Full Mobile Software Development Services to any Industry.
  • Responsive web development for any project in any Industry.
  • Quality Process Engineer for mobile, web or any other software.
  • Business analyst for any of your IT project.
  • Project Manger for your IT Project of any scale.

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