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Simpalm is one of the best healthcare app developers in the USA. Our team is focused on building mobile apps for a healthier society. Being a leading medical app development company, we have developed healthcare as well as medical apps for startups, organizations and research grantees. We have designed and developed several applications for mental health, cognitive behavior, medication adherence, eating disorders, heart rate measurement, differential diagnostics, and several other similar applications. We have also expertise in integrating mobile apps with several external devices like sensors, BLE devices, heartbeat counter, glucometer, smartwatches. Likewise, we also use other devices to measure the kind of diagnostic data from the human body. As a result, we develop robust healthcare and medical apps that diagnose the patient in easy steps and allow medical professionals to provide better treatment.

Are you a Research Grantee and need a Medical App Developer?

Simpalm has been working with several Research Grantee from NIH, NSF, and DOD to work on the mHealth based research. Researchers can have expertise in their domain but they may not have the necessary technical skills to build mobile software on iOS or Android. This is where Simpalm’s developers can help you.

Simpalm is a medical app developer and helps research grantee to build digital platforms on iOS, Android, and web. We can work with you as a team to solve complex mobile issues, create a user experience, build the mHealth app and create your digital health strategy.

Simpalm Capabilities in Healthcare App Development

Simpalm has full expertise in developing healthcare and fitness mobile/web apps with user-friendly designs.  Also, we have worked for several healthcare clients.  If you are looking for a top healthcare app developer in the USA, Simpalm’s team can fulfill your expectations. We can develop simple to complex apps that rely on third-party platforms and external devices to collect healthcare data.

  • Apps for Connected Devices: Health measurement mostly relies on monitoring devices which are used to connect with mobile apps for further diagnosis. We build Mobile Apps that work with external health monitoring devices. The external device provides readings and measurements to further analyze and create a report. Hence, the report can be sent to the healthcare provider and the patient. We closely work with our clients to integrate third-party device using their APIs and SDKs.
  • On-demand Healthcare Applications: We build on-demand apps that connect healthcare providers with patients in real-time. Furthermore, a platform that allows patients to choose their doctor and request on-demand service and health consultation through the physical visit and video chat.
  • Mobile-first Physician-Patient Apps: A full patient care capable system with ePrescription, Patient progress & record lookup, data monitoring, scanning capabilities, billing and payment for healthcare professionals. We can do this for you.
  • Hospital-Patient Apps: Hospital love to care, outpatient, track medication and provider urgent care with the help of patient connecting mobile apps. We design and build a patient-centric mobile app to easily connect with their preferred doctor at the hospital.
  • Telemedicine Apps: We also build mobile apps with medicine data and EMR integration. We build robust mobile apps with telemedicine solution that meet the requirements of healthcare providers and patients.
  • Medical Prescription Apps : As an expert healthcare app development company, we create medical prescription apps to manage prescriptions and minimize medication errors. Apps allow us to store, record, view, and share prescriptions, health vitals, and allergy history.
  • EHR Apps: We create HIPAA compliant electronic health record systems that integrate with hospital present systems. EHR apps allow users to view and share treatment history, prescriptions, and health insurance information in one place.
  • Laboratory Management Apps: We provide mobile app development solutions to manage operational challenges that a laboratory faces. We create customized solutions to manage patient appointments, sample collection, view or share lab results, and many more.

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How can I make my system HIPPA Compliance?

Simpalm has been working with several Research Grantee from NIH, NSF, and DOD to work on the mHealth based research. Also, our team has achieved an award and recognition for healthcare app development projects. The researchers have expertise in their domain but they may not have the skills to build mobile software. This is where Simpalm’s developers can help you. We can work with you as a team to solve complex mobile issues and build the mHealth app. A robust mobile app can be a few months of the timeline and follow all the compliance rules. If you want to know about mobile app development duration, you should read how long does to take to build a mobile app.   developed-in We help companies to build a better healthcare strategy.

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