1 The Client

AudiobookNow is a company headquartered in Northern Virginia. Company was started by the founders of BookLender.com to enter into the audiobook space.

2 The Challenge

Client had a very good web platform for its customers to download audiobooks and listen to them. Client had built mobile apps in 2010 using cross platform framework. The mobile apps built using titanium were performing poorly and lots of their customers were leaving them due to the poor design and performance of the apps. Users could not even perform several key functions like ability to speed up the audiobooks. There were issues with the Bluetooth headphones and phone audio players. Client reached out to Simpalm in 2012 to build the apps using latest native app approach to improve the performance.

3 The Solution

We Developed Native iOS and Android App

AudiobooksNow is an innovative book reading platform for users who love reading digital books. The AudiobooksNow is a whole new way to enjoy reading while road trip or long commute. Simpalm is leading iPhone app development company in the USA and has developed both iOS, Android and Nook app versions of AudiobooksNow with custom Audio Player and Book Narrator that make a story come alive to provide an enjoyable book reading facility. AudioBooksNow comes with large selection of bestselling and classic titles of famous digital books.


Browse by categories

  • Browse over 200K audiobooks
  • Browse by various categories, see best selling books.
  • Filter & sort by rating and bestselling.

Customized Audio Player

  • Control timer and speed
  • Jump forward/backward by 30 seconds
  • Bookmark by chapters, resume later.
  • Download the audiobooks and listen to them later
  • Stream from the server

Recommendations and Ratings

  • See popular recommendations based upon your taste
  • Download free audiobooks
  • Rate an audiobook

Free Cloud Storage and In-App Purchase

  • Store your audiobooks for free in the cloud.
  • Access them from web, iOS and Android
  • Pay by using in-app purchase, easy to pay.

CarPlay Integration

  • App supports Car Play feature for
  • Easily play music from your car dashboard while driving

Make a Wishlist

  • Make a wishlist of the audiobooks that you would like to listen to later on.
  • Make a wishlist of items you would like to buy
  • Remove items from wishlist
  • Make a manual bookmark

Client Testimonials.

Simpalm was able to reproduce our apps for native Android and iOS, which was a breakthrough in many ways. It made the apps work more efficiently, and it gave us a codebase, which could be picked up by a different developer easily. They did a phenomenal job of translating our existing apps into their respective native versions. Simpalm worked on a fixed-cost basis, which was ideal from our standpoint. We knew that they would finish the job without any cost fluctuations. We are extremely happy with the service and deliverables provided by Simpalm. They deliver wonderful mobile applications on tight timelines for very competitive pricing. Simpalm is highly recommended to others.

Bryan Stafford
President & CEO at AudiobooksNow
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