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Hire Simplam For React Native
App Development

Simpalm’s expert developers use React Native to create truly native apps that don’t compromise your users’ experiences. Released by Facebook in 2015, React Native is an open-source mobile framework for developing iOS and Android apps. React Native is Simpalm’s framework of choice for several reasons. First, the framework enables us to develop mobile apps 30% faster than with other cross-platform frameworks. Second, React Native supports real-time, live updates that don’t require waiting for app store approval. Third, the JavaScript-based React Native plays to Simpalm’s core competencies, so it’s a natural fit for us. Consequently, Simpalm is one of the leading react native app development companies in the USA with a roster of hundreds of complete projects to prove it.

Our React Native App Development Services In USA.

Our React Native App Development

01Before project estimation, Simpalm works with clients to ensure the cohesion of react native apps from start to finish. The process of documenting the application’s needs, functionality, and workflow invariably uncover holes that the collaborative team patches and polishes during this creative process.

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Why Choose Simpalm – We Provide
World-Class Service.

  • Simpalm has a battle-tested methodology for building winning products that starts and ends with our customers
  • Our Discovery process, a set of intensive and collaborative sessions, yields a clear understanding of requirements, functionality, and design
  • Simpalm has talented designers who begin by creating wireframes and end by producing pixel-perfect design
  • We produce project estimates, either fixed-price or time & materials, that we stand by – because we have such a clear understanding of your needs and constraints
  • We develop milestone-based, Agile development plans
  • After each sprint, we deliver a test app that demonstrates the newly completed milestones
  • Simpalm stands behind its work – customers typically rely on us for ongoing support and maintenance

Benefits Of Using React Native for App Development.

Technology choice is an important aspect of Simpalm’s discovery, design, and development process. As technologists, we have strong opinions but judiciously advise our customers based on the particulars of their projects. If we recommend React Native, these are some benefits of this approach:

  • Optimal Performance – connects to native operating system components and freely utilizes native APIs
  • Reuse of code and pre-developed components
  • Large community of developers ensures the framework is well supported
  • Myriad advantages of live and hot reloading
  • A single codebase for native applications is cost-effective
  • Support for third-party plugins like maps and charts

What Our Client Say About Us.

Who Do We Work For.

Our Clients.

React Native App Development
React Native App Development
React Native App Development
React Native App Development
React Native App Development

Frequently Asked Questions.

React Native is one of the most popular open-source frameworks that allow developers to build native mobile apps using JavaScript. Using React Native, you can build an application for multiple platforms while using the same codebase. That will reduce the development cost and time for building an app. The framework has gained popularity as it is backed by Facebook with community support and built on stable React JS. Today it is used by several renowned organizations like Ubereats, Walmart, Instagram, Airbnb, and many more.
React native is a modern cross-platform technology that makes the mobile app development process easier, faster and high performance. The main advantage of react-native is code reusability. Developers can use a single code for both ios and android app development that will reduce the cost of app development, as well as save time in comparison with writing two different codes. More advantages of using React Native are providing access to third-party plugins, allows live and hot reloading, provides modern architecture, and a huge support community.
React is a javascript library used to create user interfaces. React acts as a V section of the MVC framework that assists mobile app developers in the rendering of UI components.
On the other hand, React Native is a framework that uses javascript to build a native application. It is not a different version of react, but it is an additional extension of react focused on building mobile apps for iOS and Android.
React Native is a great choice when the app heavily relies on the user interface because it utilizes the same UI building block as that of Native iOS and Android apps and functions just like them.
On the other hand, a native approach is great when we consider all the features that a platform offers, like multithreading or modules as video/audio processing. However, native mobile app development is costlier than the react-native because we have to write a different set of codes for both iOS and Android. Protection Status
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