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App Description

TaptIn is a new amazing social media app available on iOS and Android platforms. We developed this app for Plexus Promotion, LLC, a company based in the Maryland/DC area. TaptIn is designed with interactive social media features and advance Geofencing technology to provide the best in class experience to users. Taptin App helps you to connect with the right people in a bar, it is your icebreaker App. It has rich social media features and an attractive User Interface. TaptIn App is designed and developed to provide local drinks, food, and event special information and connect with others. App also provides exclusive promos and specials to users.

TaptIn has the following features

  • Users can chat with other guests in the bar.
  • Users can get local food, drink, music & event special information.
  • Users can Checkin to the bar, restaurant, and confirm their presence.
  • Users can create a temporary profile according to the mood to make it more relevant for the bar and the day.
  • Users can connect with another nearby guest, venue staff, or Band/DJ in the bar.
  • Users can get exclusive offers and promotions.
  • Automatic mood profile deletion you when the user leaves the geo-fence.

Challenges and Solution

  • The client wanted us to build features in the app that would allow users in a bar to easily connect with other users in the bar. The client wanted to make sure that all users are within the bar premises. To overcome this, we implemented a geofencing feature in the app. Geofencing around the bar area ensured that all users are within the bar area and not elsewhere. This increased the security and reliability of the app.
  • The client wanted users to create different profiles based upon the Bar. For this, we prosed to create a dynamic profile feature, called Guest List, based upon their mood. This allowed users to easily search for relevant profiles. Once the user goes out and leaves the premises, the temporary profile will be automatically deleted.
  • We also implemented a search algorithm in the app to automatically find the best match for a user.
  • Madeleine and Randy Mersky, Founder, Taptin App

    Madeleine and Randy Mersky, Founder, Taptin App

    Client Quote

    Our goal was to produce a mobile app that was usable for iOS and Android.  It is a social engagement app as well as a mobile billboard for certain retail businesses. We did some background research. We wanted an expert team with background in social networking apps. That was important to us. We interviewed a several companies and decided on Simpalm. I’m satisfied with their work. They’ve been a pleasure to work with.  We have been working with them for three years.

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Taptin has features like Geofencing, Maps, Chatting, Temporary Profile Creation, Deal & Promotions and Bar/Lounge Listing Capabilities.

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