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Simpalm is Top Fintech App Developer in the USA

Simpalm is a leading fintech app development company in the USA. We have been working in electronic commerce, mobile commerce, and mobile payment industry from the last ten years. Over the ten years, we have worked for several fintech companies. We have proven experience in establishing several online stores and delivering m-commerce mobile and web solutions in the USA. Our expert team is fully capable of developing an end-to-end solution from design, development, testing, strategy, and management for an E-commerce/e-commerce business. Our strong determination and software application development skills inspired us to develop robust and scalable platforms.

Most importantly, we help startup businesses to increase online presence and fulfill on-demand needs by their customer. Our platform is based on the best shopping trends in order to gain large profits. As a result, retailers and startup companies can generate a good amount of revenue. The commerce industry is fast growing and business needs a robust platform with modern features and designs. We accomplish this task in an innovative manner and build dynamic mobile apps, web apps, POS terminals, and payment gateways for e-commerce.

We have delivered the following solutions in this space:

  • Business to Customer (B2C) Applications (Mobile and Web)

    Where companies can sell their products to end customers via online shopping apps popular in the market. We implement product catalog, categories, comprehensive search/filter, payment gateway, billing and invoicing, shipping solution, coupon, and social integration. We also build a robust admin panel for business to handle orders, deliveries, and payments.

  • Business-to-Business (B2B Applications (Mobile and Web)

    Where large companies sell their products to small companies. This kind of business applications has to be custom and professional. The B2B app is business-centric and we implement the professional and user-friendly interface to quickly handle operations. Examples are like an Amazon Seller Central, A Desktop based application for a logistics company.

  • Consumer to Business (C2B) Applications (Web and Mobile)

    Where customers post their products and services for companies to show interest and allow them to purchase.

  • Customer-to-Customer (C2C) Applications

    We design and develop C2C applications for mobile and web platforms where deal happens between end-users. We develop user engaging features that attract customers to deal with other customers using the app.

  • NFC Payment Applications

    Where users can make payment at NFC enabled Point of Sale (POS System). We develop a performance-driven app using cloud backend and native technology to provide superior performance.

  • Mobile Payment Applications

    where the user makes online payment transactions and purchase products and services. This can be done third party payment gateways such as PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, Square and Authorize.NET, Google Wallet, Yahoo Wallet, Apple Pay, or Credit Card Payment.

How We Develop and Take Care of your Ecommerce/Mcommerce

Being a top fintech app developer in the USA, Simpalm has delivered several Ecommerce and Mcommerce applications in the last 10 years to meet the demand of Startups and Enterprises. We have delivered several custom E-commerce solutions that support numerous platforms such as Smartphones, Tablets, and Desktop to encourage and exacerbate consumer shopping. These are the following key points and facts that we focus on while developing an E-commerce solution for retailers, merchants, startup, and online businesses.

  • Catalog and Product Representation: We design beautiful product catalogs that demonstrate the product in an easy way. Also, help customers to easily navigate to various categories of product to get product details in less time.
  • Cloud and Backend Database: We develop a robust and scalable database, APIs, and Cloud backend. As a result, the admin can update product details via the backend dashboard. Moreover, an easy to update the backend system for better performance.
  • Analytics Tools: We also integrate and implement third-party analytical tools to track customers, usage, transactions, and product views and purchase.
  • Maintenance and Support: We provide stay in touch communication and quick support to provide reliable maintenance and support of the application.
  • Customization and Post Production Support: We optimize and update your app with new features and designs. Secondly, we add new features of your E-commerce application so that you can engage customers while introducing new features. Moreover, third-party services, plugins, social interactivity are also important features of the platform.

We Develop Fully Featured E-commerce Mobile and Web Platform

A shopping platform should be easy to use and give a pleasant shopping experience. A user should be able to explore new products and make shopping in a few seconds. Simpalm is an experienced web developers for startups and help in launching e-commerce stores as well as product selling apps.

We develop an app that supports various platforms like iPhone, Android, Tablet, and Mobile browsers so that your business can have a better online presence. Also, we have expertise in developing progressive web apps that feel like native mobile apps and allow users to access the application in one tap. Hence, we implement modern features and intuitive designs for your fintech app. In other words, we can implement the following features in your e-commerce app:

  • Full profile set up with a delivery address and payment details.
  • Comprehensive product catalog with multiple categories.
  • Advanced search and filter function, in addition, to easily locate the product.
  • Interactive Sliders to display offers and discounts.
  • Allow users to make a payment through credit cards, debit cards, and online.
  • Importantly, an inbuilt coupon code functionality.
  • Social integration.
  • Local and push notifications to engage the user with deals and offers.
  • Most importantly, we design an easy checkout process.
  • In the end, Product reviews and ratings.
  • On the other hand, allow admin to easily manage orders, deliveries, and payments.



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