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Bamboo Rewards is a loyalty rewards program. Simpalm worked with Bamboo LLC to create an application used by clients and customers. The project included development of a web app and two ipad apps. The web app is used by store owners for creating promotions to send to loyal customers. The ipad apps are found at gaming cafes and other gaming locations. One ipad app is for customers to check in and see their available rewards. The other ipad app is for location attendants and employees to manage customer profiles. The apps work together to create a seamless process and great experience for business owners to send promotions and for customers to enjoy playing.

Bamboo Rewards apps have the following features:

  • Business owners can create and send promotions to customers with accounts.
  • Business owners can see location activity and performance with analytics.
  • Business owners can customize rewards and prizes at each gaming location so customers can get the most out of the visit.
  • Customers can create account to earn points when they visit a gaming location.
  • Customer can see and redeem the rewards the unlock and promotions they have earned.
  • Store attendants/employees can see which customers are signed into an account.
  • Store attendants/employees can see customer profiles, redeem customer rewards, and send requests to make the customer VIP, offer the customer discounts, or ban the customer.

Technology Used

  • EWA Progressive Web App, PHP, Codeigniter, Datatable
  • Handlebar, Javascript, jquery, MySQL, S3, Responsive design
  • AWS, EC2, RDS, HTML5, CSS3

Challenges and Solution.

  • We were tasked with creating the apps in such a way that employees can provide instant assistance to customers so that customers can focus on gaming. To accomplish this, the apps were developed to constantly share instant updates. When a customer signs in, the employee receives an update that lets them know who signed in and if the customer has any special discounts or is a VIP. When a customer redeems a promotion an alert instantly appears on the employees app so the promo can be accepted and the customer can keep playing
  • The customer facing app had to be fun and incentive customers to unlock new rewards. We add gamification to the app so customers can get in the spirit of gaming. This creates an excitement to reach the next milestone and unlock the next prize.
  • Business owners wanted an app to reward loyal customers. The web app allows owners to view customer analytics which reveal which customers are visiting often and staying for a while. When creating a promotion, owners can filter for customers who fit the loyalty criteria. So owners can keep sending rewards to the customers who earn and deserve them.
  • Business owners needed a web app that helped them manage their business strategy. The answer to this was to develop an analytics solution that met all their needs. Analytics was developed to inform business owners about the performance of each location. Owners can see which promotions/rewards are most popular. Owners can see how long customers are staying and when they are visiting. Owners can track their location earnings and see how well the location is performing against past months or other locations.

Web App Screenshot Gallery.

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