1 The Client

Client is a startup based In Chicago area. They are on a mission to build digital solutions for the cannabis industry.

2 The Challenge

Client identified that there are not many apps for consumers, which allow them to define their preferences and see the cannabis product based upon the preference. Client wanted to build a mobile app to solve this problem. Client reached out to Simpalm since the client did not have in-house expertise to design and develop the app.

3 The Solution

We build mobile app and admin application

Simpalm has the best Startup app development team that designed and developed a mobile app, backend, and a web admin panel as part of the solution. We first started with defining all the requirements of the application including the matching algorithm. We did the interactive UIUX of the app to create the completed user experience for mobile app and web admin. Once the client has approved the designs, we do the front end coding of the iPhone App and Admin interface. Backend Databases were developed in MySQL and deployed on AWS. We write the APIs for mobile and web apps. Mobile app and web interface were integrated with the APIs, the whole solution was fully tested and deployed. Toked is a diary app that allows a user to record and rate legal cannabis products. Toked will make product recommendations based on your profile and help you find them in the physical world. Connect with friends to compare products and share thoughts on products. Web admin allows the admin to add products, images for the mobile app and also track user data.

Mobile Features

Explore new cannabis products

  • The toked app offers an explore feature for users to discover new products. Users can create a wish list of products to try and find the nearest dispensary that carries it using the map feature. The explore feature recommends products which match the users preference as their profile is more finely tailored.

Create your cannabis diary

  • A user’s cannabis diary is a history of the products they have liked or disliked. Users fill out a short survey when adding a product to the diary. This survey asks whether they liked or disliked the product and what they liked or disliked about it. With just a few multiple choice questions, toked can use the data to tailor their cannabis preference. Users can refer to the diary to see which products they liked and want to purchase again.

Customize your cannabis preferences

  • When a user adds a product to their diary, Toked App will store the CBD, THC, and Terpenes data of that product. This is done so the data can be used to tailor the users profile and curate their cannabis preferences. If you like a product, the app will update your profile preferences so that you can more easily find new products that fit your taste. If a user dislikes a product, toked will steer them away from similar products. In the app, users can see their profile preference details. Users can see the percentage of CBD and THC they like in their product. They can also see what terpenes they prefer over others.

Connect with friends

  • Toked allows users to connect with friends in the app. Users can search for other users and send friend requests. Once the request is accepted, friends can see each other’s profile preferences, cannabis diaries, and chat within the app. This is a great way to find new products or recommend a product.

Web App Features

  • In the web application, the administrator can add cannabis product data. The data includes, the product name, cannabis category and sub category, brand, CBD percentage, THC percentage, and terpenes in the product. The list of products are viewed by users on the mobile application so users can learn more about the products they like.
  • The Administrator can monitor how each product appeals to users. For each product the administrator can see how many users are adding the product to their wish list or their cannabis diary. This data can be filtered by months and years. It also provides a diary to wish list ration to see how many products from the users wish list are added to the diary.
  • The administrator can add all the dispensary data into the system. This data includes the dispensary name, address, and phone number. The administrator can then match products with dispensaries so users of the mobile app can find out the product availability at the dispensary.
  • The web application shows analytics of the users activity on the mobile application. The admin can see which products users are saving to their wish list and which products are being added to the cannabis diary.


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