The Client.

Anxiety Canada is a registered charity and non profit organization headquartered in Vancouver; established in 1999.

Mindshift app

The Challenge.

Client observed that various mental health Apps are based on independent user Subjective feedback and inputs, small sample size and short duration research that may and may not fit the bill in case of every user. Client had envisioned a scientifically based anxiety tool that includes cognitive behavioral therapy, user’s own input and behavior so that the results are not inducted to a lot of pre recorded subjective data samples oriented algorithms overseeing the core pain point. Client reached out to Simpalm with the idea and we turned it into reality through a mobile App.

The Solution.

Simpalm developed an iOS and Android Application where users can interact with several CBT strategies with a clean and user friendly design. Mindshift is packed with evidence-based and trusted features where users can learn several CBT strategies including: Thoughts journals, challenging yourself with belief experiments, building fear ladders, and doing comfort zone challenges. Listen to calming audio to reframe your thoughts, practice mindfulness, and stay grounded. Participate in the Mindshift CBT Community Forum: share stories, learn about others’ experiences, and provide peer advice in a safe environment. Additionally Mindshift App entails daily check-ins, goal setting and sharing thought journal features.


Mobile App Features.

Collabri app

Daily Check in.

  • iconEnter today’s mood.
  • iconTrack your mood.
  • iconCheck the mood summary over the period of time.
  • iconSelect Anxiety type.
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Quick Relief.

  • iconListen to calming audios on the go.
  • iconLearn mindfulness.
  • iconStay grounded by following easy instructions.
  • iconTake small steps following the instructions.
  • iconFor more you can get help on a call.
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Fight Phobias.

  • iconCheck out the types of Phobias.
  • iconSee the symptoms/ Signs.
  • iconMatch it with yours.
  • iconGet the tips in the Tips tab.
  • iconStart fighting back.
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Thinking traps.

  • iconSelect all the thinking traps from the list once you have written your fear / Thought Journal.
  • iconYou can edit once you overcome the ones.
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Thought Journals.

  • iconType up your fear.
  • iconSelect the thinking traps.
  • iconType up the balanced thoughts.
  • iconKeep editing them once you overcome one or more traps.
  • iconCheck the results.
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  • iconThis section enables you to set a goal.
  • iconSet a deadline.
  • iconJustify your goal from the given perspectives.
  • iconSet the reminder.
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Summary Chart.

  • iconDaily Check in.
  • iconSelect your mood today.
  • iconSelect Anxiety level.
  • iconTrack the daily summary.
  • iconSee the summary on the graph.
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  • iconAccess the community of the people with similar issues and experts.
  • iconUpvote the post.
  • iconFilter and Save the post.
  • iconComment on the post . Or Post your own.
  • iconShare it.
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Share the progress.

  • iconSelect your progress, goals , facing fears and challenges etc.
  • iconShare all the above for some specific date or a date range.
  • iconApp will create an excel of progress.
  • iconShare it with whomever you want. Protection Status