1 The Client

Medline Industries, LP is a private American healthcare company headquartered in Northfield, Illinois. In June, 2021. It is a multibillion dollar company who is a leader in manufacturing and distributing health products.

2 The Challenge

Medline has customers who purchase disposable incontinence products all over the world. Selecting a disposable incontinence product is a challenging task for any patient or doctor since selection depends upon the symptoms, gender, body size and other related parameters. Client wanted to build a mobile app that can help consumers to select the right product. Client did not have inhouse expertise to build the app, so the client looked for an app development agency in Chicago and contracted Simpalm to build the app.

3 The Solution

We built custom mobile app on iOS and Android

Simpalm is the best mobile app development company in Chicago and has developed the FitRight Product Selector App for Medline Industries, Inc. Medline’s FitRight Product Selector App offers an intuitive guide to selecting the right disposable product solution for an individual’s incontinence needs. The FitRight app has custom and clear disposable incontinence product selection and educational resources. We listened to the client’s problems and first created a design of the mobile app to show them the flow, user interface and user experience. They really liked the design and then we built the mobile app on iOS and Android. We tested the apps with clients and then uploaded them to the App stores. Simpalm has developed both iOS and Android apps for this project and it is available to download from App Store and Google Play Store.

Tech Stack






Mobile Features

Product Selection

  • Users can select the gender, height and weight to see the relevant results.
  • App has an inbuilt algorithm to show the right product.
  • Users will see the product detail and image.

Educational Resources

  • Users can see application videos and troubleshooting videos.
  • Users can see a brief sizing guide and underwear sizing guide.


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