The Client.

A Silicon valley based client. Pacer is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area, West Coast.

Pacer app

The Challenge.

Other fitness apps can track walk, run, hikes and your calories etc. This much data was not gratifying for the users. They wanted to make the most of a fitness App by motivating people to walk, run and workout and bring them all together to have a competitive mindset while working out and tracking. Pacer took this as a challenge to make the fitness App more productive with a toppings of social and IOT taste. This idea was great ; however, to implement the design keeping fitness and social themes saturated throughout the App was a challenging task.

The Solution.

We created a mobile App with intuitive user experience and adaptive functionalities that understands what you need to do next.An App with comprehensive activity tracking and insights all on your phone. Apart from fitness tracking basics we embellished this App with more appealing and comprehensive insights that can be compared with other group members that is where the motivation starts to bubble up.


Mobile App Features.

Pacer app

Pacer is Simple, Powerful and Fun.

  • iconWith Intuitive design anyone can start using Pacer; it’s that simple.
  • iconYou can track your walks, run and rides, miles , calories etc. right from your pocket without carrying any extra device.
  • iconCheck the progress on an interactive graph.
Pacer app

Fitness made easy.

  • iconTrack your walk, run and ride on Map.
  • iconJoin your friends and colleagues on walk and run.
  • iconCheck In daily and become a route ranger!
pacer app

Powerful, Personalized Fitness plans.

  • iconGet access to the various fitness tips and diets by experts.
  • iconGet access to the personalized fitness videos based on your profile.
  • iconSync your realtime workout to the various workout videos.
  • iconLose weight, get toned, Go Active!
Pacer app

Pacer makes Fitness Fun.

  • iconCompare your steps with others from the globe.
  • iconSee your progress against how others are doing.
  • iconPacer helps people set a goal and brings together people from the community with common fitness goals.
  • iconJoin a challenge in the group and nail it.
Pacer app

Pacer makes fitness social.

  • iconJoin various fitness groups available on Pacer.
  • iconSee other’s stories.
  • iconCreate your own group and invite like minded people to join.
  • iconFlaunt your fitness.
Pacer app

Sync with your Apple watch.

  • iconSync pacer with your Apple health.
  • iconView and track your steps from your Apple watch.
  • iconEnjoy the adaptability and compatibility of the pacer on your wrist. Protection Status