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ASRA Coder ASRA Coder
ASRA Coder ASRA Coder
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App Description.

The ASRA coder app is an educational and reference application for healthcare practitioners and professionals published on the Google Play store and Apple App Store. Based on 2020 AMA/CPT Code, the user can search by procedure category or E&M with anatomical/procedural descriptions; CPT codes and their descriptions; Medicare National Average Rates including physician fee schedules for facility and non-facility, hospital outpatient, and total RVUs; and coding tips and special instructions to aid the physician/practice in obtaining accurate and timely payments.

ASRA Coder has the following features:

    • The app contains Pain guidelines and Regional Anesthesia guidelines from various publications.
    • The app is built around the ASRA Anticoagulation Guidelines.
    • Users can use the search function to easily navigate to the particular guidelines.
    • The app is fairly simple and easy to navigate using ‘restart’ anchor text.
    • The app provides quick access to drug-specific summary information.

Challenges and Solution.

  • There are thousands of CPT codes for professionals based upon procedures, categories, drugs and other details. These codes keep on changing every year. The Client had come to Simpalm with the problem and Simpalm built a mobile solution to solve this issue.
  • With the launch of the ASRA Coder app, healthcare practitioners and staff have been able to access the CPT codes very easily on smartphones. They don’t have to go through large PDF files to find the correct CPT codes. Apps also have a search function, which users can utilize to quickly search the right code based upon the description.

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