1 The Client

Client is The American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ASRA) based in Pennsylvania. (ASRA) is one of the largest subspecialty medical societies in anesthesiology with more than 5,000 members in 66 countries on 6 continents.

2 The Challenge

Pain medicine professionals like Anesthesiologists, Physicians and Staff have to follow a CPT code guideline to understand the reimbursement rates and fees associated with a procedure. There are multiple PDFs with 100s of pages. It becomes very tedious for professionals to search the CPT codes in these files and use them. ASRA wanted to solve this challenge by building a mobile app with all the codes easily searchable. ASRA reached out to Simpalm to build the mobile apps since ASRA did not have any in-house expertise of building mobile apps. The Simpalm team took upon the challenge and built the solution.

3 The Solution

We built the mobile app, backend and admin panel

Simpalm team captured the requirements of the project. Simpalm reviewed the existing PDF of the CPT codes and came up with the design structure of the app. Simpalm team did the UIUX of the app and showed it to client for approval, Simpalm team coded the app UI for iOS and Android and built the backend in AWS. Once UI was approved. Simpalm team coded all the functionality of the apps. Web admin was built so that ASRA could enter all the codes from the admin and update the coded real time. The ASRA coder app is an educational and reference application for healthcare practitioners and professionals published on the Google Play store and Apple App Store. User can search by procedure category or E&M with anatomical/procedural descriptions; CPT codes and their descriptions; Medicare National Average Rates including physician fee schedules for facility and non-facility, hospital outpatient, and total RVUs; and coding tips and special instructions to aid the physician/practice in obtaining accurate and timely payments.

Mobile App Features

Search by Procedure Type

  • Users can see the list of available procedure types and select the procedure category to see the Codes, fees and other related information.

Search by E&M

  • Users can see the list of available E7M types and select the category to see the Codes, fees and other related information.

Search Features

  • Users can search code by any keyword or category. Typing in the search field will show all the matching results.

Favorite Codes

  • Users can add any code to their favorite tab and quickly access them for future reference.

Client Testimonials.

They were able to take a very abstract idea and build it into something tangible. Since its launch, the app has been downloaded by 500 plus times. The company is mostly impressed by how well the team was able to make their vision into robust digital product.

Anne Hiller Snively
Director Of Communications, ASRA


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