Top Incubators and Accelerators in Chicago

Are you a startup that wants to take the business to the next level? Then, the business incubators and accelerators program plays an important role in your startup growth. They help startups by providing various resources at different stages of incubation such as business development, working space, funding sources, networking, new tactics, and strategies.

Chicago is the ideal location to start a business, and the tech industry is booming. If you’re a startup located in Chicago and might wonder what business incubators and accelerators exist in the Chicago area. So here are some of the most reliable and supportive incubators and accelerators in Chicago.


1871 incubators

1871 is the most recognizable tech incubator of Chicago. It helps more than 400 digital tech startups with huge growth potential. The startup incubator program provides mentorship, co-working space, programming, education, and workshops for entrepreneurs. With the 1871 incubator program, startups get the guidance of top investors, mentors, and corporate partners in the market. They worked with big brands in the market like Microsoft, Apple, McDonald’s and many more.


Matter incubators

The matter is a startup incubator program that supports healthcare innovators. They focus on improving the growth of technologies that solve healthcare problems. The program brings all startup founders into a community of healthcare entrepreneurs, industry leaders, investors, experts, and industry executives. Currently, they are working with more than 200 startups and 60 corporate partners like Blue Shield, Merck, Blue Cross Comcast, and many more.


mHUB Incubators

mHUB is Chicago’s first incubator program focused on manufacturing and physical product development. mHUB accelerates commercialization for tech entrepreneurs and startups by solving challenges, removing obstacles, and helping them run successful businesses. They start working with companies in their early stage as the prototype phase. They deliver startups with a network of business leaders, industry mentors, training, investors, and experts.

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Bunker Lab

Bunker Lab

Bunker Labs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and a national network of Veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs dedicated to helping members start their own businesses. The incubator program is committed to seeing that every entrepreneur and small business owner in the military-connected community has the network, tools, and resources they need to start their own business.

Catapult Chicago

Catapult Chicago incubators

Catapult Chicago is a well-known hybrid Coworking space/incubator in Chicago. Coworking office space comes with the benefits of cleaning, gym access, unlimited coffee and WiFi, gaming, and more. The incubator community comes from various backgrounds and industries, with nearly 30 current and past members making profits with Catapult’s growth. Catapult has now been working with the 1871 incubator program..

2112 Business Incubator

2112 Business Incubator

2112 is a business incubator network that you might want to join if you’re looking for a community created for entrepreneurs interested in music, video, film, and creative industry. The incubator program helps more than 150 startups and entrepreneurs by providing resources like office space, mentorship, a strong network with investors, capital, 1-on-1 meetings with industry professionals, and education. They also provide them with various amenities like wireless internet, rooftop deck, lounge membership, kitchen with beverages, and 24/7 access.



The Workbox program helps both early and growth-stage startups to build and scale their business. To early-stage startups, Workbox delivers strategic services, mentorship, and community networks for their faster growth, on the other hand, to growth-stage startups, they provide helpful resources to scale their business to new peaks.

Blue 1647

Blue 1647

BLUE1647 is another startup incubator focused on technology and innovation in Chicago. Their main aim is to help and enhance Chicago’s financial growth by teaching technical and professional skills. They work with entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and creatives to make an everlasting impact.

TechStars Chicago Accelerator

Tech stars accelerator

TechStars Chicago, earlier known as Excelerate Labs is a premium accelerator program in Chicago. The program offers three months of mentorship from the best local tech mentors to existing and coming entrepreneurs in Chicago. They also offer workspace, $1 million dollar worth of perks & benefits, and extra capital.

Insight Accelerator Labs

insight innovation

Insight Accelerator Labs is best suited for Chicago-based startups dealing in healthcare industries. They have a deep knowledge of what is needed to turn technology into business success. Insight accelerator partners with top healthcare entrepreneurs and university technology transfer programs to boost innovation and business growth that fuel startups ecosystems and improve people’s lives.

Sunshine Enterprises Accelerator

Sunshine Enterprises Accelerator

If you are a Chicago-based business and want to grow it, then you should apply for the Sunshine Enterprises Accelerator Program. The program primarily focuses on small neighborhood-based startups and entrepreneurs. Startups are trained and educated for 12 weeks. When they are done, they are joined by entrepreneurs with high potential. The program currently runs 3 business centers. There are plans to set up 5 neighborhood-based business centers.

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