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Sanjay is a Digital Marketer and Content creator at Simpalm. He loves to write blogs about the latest technology trends in Mobile app development, Web design & development, innovative marketing strategies for small businesses, enterprises, and nonprofits organizations.

SEO Checklist For New Websites in 2023

For many webmasters and online business owners, especially beginners, the world of SEO can be daunting to understand. What may seem like an easy to understand concept in SEO might require years of experience and research to understand and master. … Continue reading

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Top Chicago Business Clubs/Forums for CXOs

Chicago is one of the largest business hubs in the United States, with a thriving business community that offers many opportunities for executives and CXOs. Business clubs and forums in Chicago can help CXOs expand their networks, keep up-to-date with … Continue reading

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Angular Vs React: Which One to Choose for your Next Project

This is not merely Angular Vs React but it’s Google vs Facebook. The two technologies are as different as Google and Facebook themselves. Angular is a full fledged framework, while React is a library although React is advanced enough to … Continue reading

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How to write product requirement document for mobile app?

What is product requirement document and its benefits A product requirement document is a key document for any software project including mobile apps. When you are planning to build a mobile app, you should create a mobile app requirement document. … Continue reading

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OCR Technology is Fueling the Growth of Various Businesses: How & Why

The internet world is full of inventions and there is daily new upgrading. Almost everything comes on the screen. Same as these machines converting life into a faced paced train. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology helps consumers to convert papers … Continue reading

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How to Write Scope of Work (SOW) for App Development

What is SOW for Mobile App The Scope of Work (SOW) for a mobile app is a document that gives an overview of the app with business and technical requirements. It is used to communicate the scope of the project … Continue reading

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How to write a website design RFP | Get free RFP template

Nowadays, If you’d like your business to grow and succeed, you must have an online presence. It promotes the brand, advertises your products/services, creates a connection with your customers, and more importantly, provides a solid platform to execute different marketing … Continue reading

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Website Design RFP Template

In the new digital world, businesses need an online presence to promote their product & services to targeted customers. You need to hire a web design and development agency to design and develop your business website. Before hiring, the first … Continue reading

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Looking for app developers near you? Tips to find local app developers

Whenever you want to get an app developed, you would probably go to Google and search  “ Best app developers near me” to find the local expert. Google will show you several results and sometimes it gets difficult to decide … Continue reading

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