In today’s life, people want to rely on mobile apps to track their diet and how to improve it. Using nutrition apps, users can get a better education on food intake and their benefits. Nutrition apps educate users about a healthy diet plan and what they need to do to get a healthy diet. An improper diet is one of the biggest reasons that several people are either overweight or obsess. A healthy diet should be an essential part of everyone’s life; to avoid disease. If you have an idea to build a nutrition app, Hire Chicago’s trusted app developers, we will guide you to build a successful healthcare solution:

Nutrition app development process

Define your app Idea

When you have an app idea, you should write it down on a piece of paper. By writing things down, you can create a working image of your nutrition app. You can easily recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your idea. Based on this, you can implement the necessary steps to make your idea better. Therefore, we suggest you write your idea several times in different ways.

Finally, when you have written down your idea, you should discuss your ideas with your friends and family as well and get feedback. This will tell you if your app idea is feasible or not. If you get positive feedback about your app idea, you know that you should pursue it. The written documents about your app will help you to express your app features in front of developers, investors, and people. They can easily understand your app requirement and try to fulfill with fewer efforts. Based on these documents, they can provide valuable feedback regarding the changes that can be made to the app.

Discover your audience

Any nutrition app will be a success only if users will retain the app and use its services for a longer time. For that, you need to take the initiative to discover your targeted audience. You should conduct research to identify, which age group people are more concerned about their diet. According to the statistical surveys, it was found that the people of the age group of 19 to 29 use mobile apps for a healthy diet. After identifying your audience, you can plan to create a focus group and conduct a survey to get feedback on your app. The user’s feedback will help you to understand the like/dislike of customers and help you to tailor features in the app. You can make changes based on the user’s feedback, but make sure you don’t over trust the user’s feedback. If you succeed in discovering your targeted audience, your half work is already done. Now, you need to execute your app idea with the prime focus of fulfilling the user’s requirements.

Classify your App Type

When you have decided to develop a nutrition app, you should be aware of the types of nutrition apps. You have to be specific about your app type before you proceed to develop your nutrition app. Here are some types: 

  • Nutrition Apps: A nutrition app helps its users to calculate the calories, nutrition, and other resources present in the food. They help the users to maintain a healthy diet by controlling your eating habits. It provides the nutrition value present in the food. The users can customize their diet according to their health.
  • Weight loss Apps: A weight losing app will help to reduce your fat without harming your health. The app will help you with your daily routine fitness program, daily meals, water intake, and other tasks. They allow you to share the daily progress with their friends, family, and the other person. Your daily progress not only motivates the user but also motivate their friends and family.
  • Healthy Recipe Apps: For a healthy diet, it is important to intake nutritious food every day. If your app users have healthy recipes, then they can share those recipes with the other person. They can prepare a proper video of the ingredients to be used in the recipes. The users will get updated with the new healthy recipes.
  • Calories and Step Tracking Apps: These are the most popular among the above all as they enable the users to track the calories consumed and burned in a day. You can also track the details of your steps taken to burn that many calories. This app allows the users to set goals for a fixed duration of time. Based on their daily activities such as eating habits, fitness habits, and other activities, these app calculates the calories burnt and consumed.

Upgrade an Innovative Feature

Presently, there are many nutrition apps in the market. Therefore, you need to upgrade your nutrition app with an innovative feature that will make it different from other nutrition apps. The distinct features in your nutrition app will make it more popular among the users. The users can differentiate your nutrition app with that of the competitor’s app.

When you start to develop features for your nutrition app, you should consider the services offered to the users. While developing features, you should focus on updating user-oriented features in your nutrition app. You can add features, such as diet charts, calorie details, nutrients in food, weight checker, and other features. This feature will help users to track their daily health progress. With the daily progress report, the users will get motivated and connected with your nutrition app.

Here is a list of some common features of a nutrition app:

  • Push Notification
Push Notification

The push notification feature is the best tool for the engagement and retention of the users with your app. As the push notification system connects the users with the app. They get updates about the new feature in your nutrition app. It also motivates users by sending them motivational quotes. The users are notified from time to time about their routine activities such as exercising, daily meals, and other daily activities. That will enable the users to log in to your nutrition app, to see what they are eating and every detail about the calories, nutrients present in food.

  • Integration with Fitness Gadgets
Integration with Wearable devices

The users of fitness gadgets are increasing rapidly with an increase in awareness about fitness. According to the statistics, in 2019 it was found that 30 percent of the USA citizens own a fitness band. Out of it, 70 percent are using these bands in their daily routine. You should also enable an integration feature in your nutrition app. With the tracker support, the users can have a nutritious diet along with that they can track their blood pressure, heartbeat, and pulse. The user has to manually update the information regarding their exercises without the tracker.

  • Support and Help

Several users of your nutrition might be using such an app for the first time. Most of them will not be able to understand how your app will work?  As they are not aware of the features and functions of a nutrition app. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the support and help system in your mobile app. These will help the users to get familiar with your mobile app. You can create an introduction video of the working of your nutrition app.  The problem-solving nature of your app will make it more appealing.

Research your Competitors

Before you enter into a competitive market, you should be prepared to face the competition. For that, you need to identify your competitors and carry out a detailed study of their apps. This research will help you identify the performance of their nutrition app in the market. You will discover the features and functions present in their app that are users engaging. You can adapt those features in your nutrition app or build distinct features to give users a unique experience. The investigation will help you to identify the initiatives taken by your competitors to retain their app users. While investigating, you will discover the existing drawbacks of their apps that you have to avoid in your nutrition app. Based on the investigation, the user’s requirements can be understood and you can customize your app accordingly.

Evaluate the Budget of Your App

When you start a new venture, you need capital to carry out further operations of your organization. The only reason behind the failure of several startups is that they run out of capital at the initial stages. This happens mostly because they have not properly estimated the costs for the processes. The budgeting should be based on every step involved in the development process, such as research and development, designing, hiring a developer, and marketing. Simaplm is a leading app development company in Virginia and has developed 300+ apps for its client. You should contact us and get some estimates for them. You can get estimates from multiple companies to know the range of the app development cost. Before you disclose the idea, you need to make sure to have them sign an NDA.

Design your App

Designing is an essential part of the development of a mobile app. A mobile app with an attractive design is more appealing to users. When designing your nutrition app, you should focus on simple and user-friendly design.

Before you proceed to design your app you should prepare wireframe/sketches of your app. Wireframing involves creating sketches of your app screens with flow, data, and user experience. It will provide you with an overview of the performance of your nutrition app. To prepare effective wireframes you can use online designing tools that will minimize your effort. If you find any issue, then you can customize your app, as it does not require more experience. When your wireframes are ready, you can hire a professional designer based on their experience and considering their past projects. They can provide you with valuable suggestions regarding the design of your app. Make sure that you sign NDA with the designer before your share wireframes with them. The designer will work on creating a visual design in photoshop to present the app screens with color, fonts, themes, and style.

Develop your App

To develop your app idea into reality, you need to discuss with an experienced healthcare app development companies Roboto, healthcare app development companies and get a quotation. When you hire a developer you have to share every detail of your nutrition app with them. You need to communicate your app requirements and the duration within which you want to launch the app. Before you hire a developer, you should visit different developers and ask for a quotation concerning the price details and work experience. You should be aware of the factors that affect the hiring cost of a developer, such as the location, size of the company, and other factors. As they will have a direct impact on your development cost of the project. A developer will provide you with the front end as well as back end services. You can ask for their suggestion concerning the customization in your app because they are more updated with the latest technologies. You can ask for their feedback on your nutrition app, based on those you can make further modifications to your nutrition app.ed

Market Your App

The Marketing techniques help your app to get introduced to the audience. The purpose behind the development is not only to launch a nutrition app, but you also want users to use it so that you can make money. These days, there are many marketing techniques, such as SEO marketing, social media marketing, blogging, and others that you can drive from your home. These techniques help you to market your app and build a user base. Once you drive your marketing and get some traction, you can hire a freelance digital marketer or a digital marketing agency.

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