Google map integration in a website or app is a beneficial solution, it brings many benefits from letting users find the exact location to creating brand value, it also makes the website or app more interactive. In order to integrate one in your website or application, there are certain processes, but we can start with generating an API and use it directly on our website. Google maps can be used in many different ways according to your need, here are some useful ways we can use Google maps.

Simpalm is a top web design company in Maryland, and has designed several websites for its clients. We are listing different ways to use google maps on your website or app:

1. Contact Map

It is a very commonly used form of google map, it simply helps the user to find your exact location by just chasing the pointer at the top of your location in the world map, it is a very essential element for a website, usually shown in the contact us section of a website, it also gives the customer a sense of genuineness of your existence because there are other fraudulent practices in the market, it assures visitors that you are not one of them. The image below is an example of a simple contact map.

2. Tourism Map

If your business deals with tourism or provides any of the tourism services, this map is the map for you, it locates all the essentials for tourists such as money exchange points, hotel rooms, restaurants, transportations, places of interest, communication services, guides etc., it is a great way to make your website more tourist engaging and make your place tourist-friendly. Below is an example of a tourism map.

3. Event Locator Map

This form of google map shows the various events going on in different places, countries or continents, you can also use the google map to give an option to your users to book tickets for any particular event, this feature of google maps is beneficial for businesses dealing with event management. Below is the example of an event locator map.

4. Regional Trends and Preference Map

This form of a map picturises the preferences and fashion in the different region of the world, users can also use the tooltips to fetch out any information you want to share, this kind of map is beneficial for the entertainment industry mainly and also for other purposes to make a conclusion based on area-wise taste, preferences and fashion. The map below shows decoration trends in the different region created by Living Spaces.

5. Large Scale Operation Map

If your business operation going worldwide on a large scale, you can show the moments in the location where the operation is being executed. Airbnb does the same with their business operation, the map helps the user to find space all over the globe to check-in. below is the example of a map created by Airbnb.

6. Data Visualization Map

With this map, you can visualise the data of large volume, of a larger area at a glance. Nothing can be better than a map to perform a data visualisation of a large scale, it’s a form of map used for visualisation of a large number of data at a time. Below is the example of data visualisation map.

7. Comparative Map

To compare the amount or level of difference in many different areas at one time altogether, the best way is a comparative map, it is used for such comparison to check the GDP differences of various places at a time. Below is an example of a comparative map.

8. Store Location Maps

If you have a large number of brick and mortals in the same country then store locator man could be a great help to facilitate customers with an option to search the nearby store for shopping, its a form of map used by almost big players in the market who have a large number of physical outlets. Below is an example of a store locator map.

9. Charity and NGO Activity Showcase Maps

Charities and NGOs are doing good work all around the world, they should be brought to public attention for awareness and many of them are having different programs going on in different place, they need to showcase the good work they are doing, with the help of charity and NGO showcase map you can show an aggregate view of your works. Below is an example of charity and NGO activity showcase map.


Google map is a massive service by google, for every kind of businesses and NGOs there are suitable map forms for everyone, you can select the best fit for your business, maps are a great help for a business concern to make business operation easy, it makes it easy to find the small business location which can be frustrating for the visitors sometimes, a map will navigate the visitor to the correct point and saves valuable time.

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    Piyush Jain

    Piyush Jain is the CEO and Founder of Simpalm. He leads the business and engineering team to build the mobile and web product solution for clients. He loves to write thought leadership articles on IoT, Mobile, Blockchain, BigData, Web and other software technologies.