1 The Client

PHCC is Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association based in Falls Church, Virginia. The premiere organization for the p-h-c professional, PHCC provides legislative advocacy, education and training to approximately 3,300 plumbing and HVACR open shop and union businesses and 65,000 technicians. Their members work in the residential, commercial, new construction, industrial and service and repair segments of the construction industry.

2 The Challenge

PHCC members are plumbing professionals, whenever they need to install plumbing at a site, they have to go through several calculations manually to estimate the water supply pipes and fitting sizing. Doing calculation on a piece of paper is daunting and often used to lead to human errors. PHCC wanted to make life easier for their members, so they came up with an idea to build a mobile app. PHCC did not have in-house expertise to build mobile apps, so they reached out to Simpalm, leading app development company in the region with experience of working with Associations as well.

3 The Solution

Calculator Apps for iOS and Android

Simpalm is one of the best android app development company in the USA and we deliver robust mobile apps for iOS and Android to PHCC . The Water Supply App has mainly two calculators: ‘Water Supply Calculator’ and ‘Fixture Unit and Fitting Calculator’. The Water Supply Calculator app offers PHCC members a single resource to determine water supply fixture units and minimum fixture branch sizes for common plumbing fixtures, typical pressure drop in meters, and equivalent length of fitting. On the other hand, a Fixture Unit and Fitting Calculator allow users to input a fixture unit demand, resulting in suggested pie size, determine GPM demand, pressure drop and velocity in Type L copper pipe. The PHCC app was built on iOS and it can be downloaded from the App Store.


Water Supply Calculator

  • Calculate typical pressure drops in water meters.
  • USE NSPC, IPC and UPC code.
  • Input a fixture unit and see suggested pipe size.
  • Determine pressure drop and velocity.

Fixture/Fitting Unit Calculator

  • Determine water supply fixture units.
  • Determine minimum fixture branch sizes.
  • USE NSPC, IPC and UPC code.

Client Testimonials.

We appreciated their willingness to take on our project. Responsive and communicative, Simpalm welcomed the nonprofit project despite its limited budget, size, and scope. They collaborated well with in-house teams to develop an easy-to-use product that reaches a broad target audience.

Charlotte Perham
Vice President of Communications & Marketing, PHCC


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