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App Description

Simpalm has developed a secured mobile payment processing app for Forte Payment System. This app allows merchants to accept payments from their customers anywhere with the smartphone. Simpalm is a top fintech app developer in the USA and developed Forte Mobile Payment for both iOS and Android platforms. Mobile Apps so that anyone can efficiently make payments via Credit Card and Checks anywhere, anytime into a POS system. The app allows accepting Credit Card and ACH payments securely.

Forte Mobile Payment has following features

  • App can accept all major credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks
  • Customers can sign on touch screen with their finger
  • Merchants can optionally collect tips, Tax
  • Customers can get receipts by email or SMS.
  • User can easily access transaction detail for initiating voids and refunds.
  • App has secure transactions capabilities and integrated with TDES encryptions.
  • User can login with ID/password protected.
  • Users can have optional convenience fee support.
  • App has multiple pricing options to choose from based on customer needs.

Challenges and Solution

  • We had to integrate external card readers to process credit card payments in Forte Mobile Payments. It was not decided to go with which particular manufacturer for Card Reader. We did lots of market research and worked with client to choose the appropriate card reader manufacturer. We have integrated professional-grade MagTek® iDynamo reader that accept payment in a single swipe.
  • We had to make apps PCI compliant back in 2011 when not much guidelines were available on how to make Apps PCI compliant. We followed the standard guidelines, implemented TDES encryption and made app PCI compliant.
  • Leslie Hendrix, EVP – Product Development, Forte Payment System

    Leslie Hendrix, EVP – Product Development, Forte Payment System

    Client Quote

    Simpalm built our mobile payment app on iPhone and we are extremely thumbnail satisfied with the service they have provided. They completed the project successfully. There are no complaints to report. Simpalm is highly recommended to others.Reference can be viewed at

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Forte has Payment Gateway, Credit Card Payment Processing, Card Swiping, and Digital Signature Processing Capabilities.

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