1 The Client

We built this solution for NAPAC, which stands for the National Association of Professionally Accredited Contractors, based in Pennsylvania.

2 The Challenge

Remodeling industry relies heavily on providing the right financing to its customers to win over their business. Remodeling cost can go upto six figures so the right lending solution matters for the customers. NAPAC wanted to build a solution for its customers who are remodeling companies. Sales people at the remodeling companies go door to door to assess the project and estimate the cost of the project. Sales people also needed a solution that they could use on their mobile device to show the cost of financing and various financing options available. NAPAC reached out to Simpalm since they did not have in-house expertise to build mobile solutions. Client wanted to build the app that works fast and in offline mode in the field, since internet access is not available at several locations. Simpalm took upon the challenge and built the solution.

3 The Solution

We build mobile apps, web apps and backend

We listened to the client carefully and proposed a solution by doing the wireframes and visual designs so that the client could review the app flow. We built the complete UIUX design for the apps in around 4 weeks. Once the designs were approved by the client, we started to do the development of both iOS and Android App. We also did the design for the web app and backend server. We assigned a PM, iOS Developer, Android Developer, Web developer to build different components of the application. We first coded the front end UI of the apps with all the screens to show the full working flow of the apps and then implemented functionality in the app. We also reviewed the APIs provided by the client to understand the backend database. We integrated apps with the APIs using the REST method. We tested the apps and finally delivered the apps in 2 months. This App offers several benefits to borrowers by comparing hundreds of loan programs quickly and accurately estimates payments. The App helps lenders match their program to the types of borrowers. The app is available on both App Store and Google Play to download at no cost.

Mobile App Features

Estimate the cost of loan

  • User can login.
  • User can select the product, loan amount and down payment.
  • User can see the estimated cost.

See available loan options

  • User can see available loan program based upon the state and cost.
  • User can compare the plans and select the best one.
  • User can contact the loan company.

Web Admin Feature

  • Web interface has Super Admin and Dealer Admin Interface.
  • Super admin interface allows users to add Dealers and control their user permissions.
  • Super admin can set up various lending programs available in various states.
  • Super admin can set up various products available in the app.
  • Dealers can define what states and what lending programs are available for their sales people.
  • Dealers can also add various sales people for the app.


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