Beauty/Haircare industry has always been influenced by the new technology intervention. The tech trends become popular rapidly in the industry. On-demand apps are playing a big role in the current business environment. Basically on-demand apps bridge the gap between consumers and service providers. Post UBER launch, on-demand barber apps are setting a new trend in the market.

To find one good haircut professional out of many is sometimes a big task, your preferred barber is not available most of the time. In these situations, the on-demand barber app is a great help, It simplifies the process of booking an appointment. The service consumers find it convenient and happily rely on apps to search best places based on reviews and ratings, and book appointments in the fast and smart way.

1. Some common features to be considered in an on-demand barber app

1.1 Scheduling the Appointment

To book an appointment, usually, consumers have to visit the barber’s shop or make a phone call. Management of these appointments requires a helping hand which is a cost for the business. If the haircut professional engages himself/herself into it, he/she won’t be able to pay undivided attention to his/her work. Developing a mobile app will minimize your cost and save your energy from dull undertakings that your mobile app deal with, for example, scheduling appointments.

1.2 Enhance Barber Portfolio

It’s not easy to get a good hairstylist, who is updated with upcoming trends, and/or fits your demand. This feature will allow barbers to upgrade the portfolio, and provide them with an opportunity to grow in their profession. Either you are a shop owner or a customer. This feature remains helpful in both cases.

1.3 Offers and Loyalty Points

With this feature, Offers and discounts information can be easily notified through the app to the customers. The trickiest part is that you can create a customer loyalty program, where the customers get loyalty points based on their total spent per visit and can redeem those points in the billing for a particular service. It can engage customers, and make them visit regularly to the shop, and Long term incentive for any business is aligned with the regular customers.

1.4 Photos and Videos Catalogue

This feature allows you to upload photos of trendy haircuts and hair color, and videos on how these exciting beauty treatments are done, from manicure and pedicure to facials, massage and hair coloring. Don’t forget to mention the price. Every customer goes through the catalog, compares both catalog and price with other service providers before making an appointment for any particular service.

2. Steps in Developing a Barber App

2.1 Market research

To begin with, market research is to move ahead with eyes opened, Market research before the development of any app is the process to be taken seriously. In the case of the on-demand barber app, several things are to be hardly looked at. Like, the discovery of new trends, audience bracket, useful app features, the drawback of existing apps on AppStore, and others. There are many ways to do market research, the best way is that You can conduct a survey based on that you can introduce unique features in your barber app. These research will help the app idea to stand strong among others, and become successful.

2.2 Identify the User pain points

User’s difficulties are to be listed out and rectified. These difficulties can be App download, function, feature, purchasing, and other. Purpose of an app is to simplify the user experience, and heal the pain points, doing it efficiently leads you to determine the goal of the app, which ultimately is to improve user experience.

2.3 Integrate the Essential Features

Simpalm has developed several apps with the most amazing features and recognized as DC’s best app development company. The features are an essential factor that helps your app to attract the user. Some of the features of on-demand barber apps that you should integrate into your app are:

  • Push notification

It is an important feature of an on-demand barber app. The customer will be notified of the promotional offers, loyalty program, and launch of the new services. If the user is not using your on-demand app for a long time, then it will alert the users. It can be treated as a constant brand recall for the users and a smart feature for an on-demand barber app.

  • Sign up with Social Media

A simple and easy way of registration will help the user to quickly connect with on-demand barber app. You should allow the users to register through their social media account or an email. The registration with the help of a mobile number can be a convenient option for on-demand apps.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

The different payment gateways will provide the user with a convenience to pay on the spot and can get payment receipt. When you integrate the payment gateway you need to make sure that they are safe, reliable and fast. You can integrate common gateways such as Paypal, Authorize.Net, Stripe and other gateways. You can also offer multiple payment options to the customer including the COD, eWallets, and net banking.

  • Reviews and Ratings

The reviews and ratings are the feedback provided to the users based on the functionality and performance of the app. The on-demand app should be more focused on this type and should include in the app. The feedback of the initial user will help other people to get an overview of our app.

3. Consider the App Development Costs

When you are developing an on-demand barber app, then you should be aware of the different costs involved in the app development process. Simpalm is one of the best app development company in Chicago and has delivered 300+ mobile apps to clients. With that experience, we are listing some necessary cost involved in app development:

3.1 Cost of Visual Designs

An attract will help your app to stand out from the competition. When you design your app, you should start by preparing wireframes/prototypes. It will provide you with an overview of the performance and the user flow of your app. To create effective wireframes, you can use designing tools if you have a basic knowledge of app designing. Else, you can hire a professional in designing the app. The professional designer can charge you about $25 to $30 per hour.

3.2 Cost of Hiring a Developer

You need a developer to proceed with the development of your on-demand barber app. An on-demand app developer will not only code for your app but also provide you with feedback on app functioning. You should consider that and customize your app because they are more aware of the trends. They will also provide you with the back end services if your app has any bugs and crashes. If you are hiring an onshore developer, then a developer can charge you $40 to $50 per hour. On the other hand, an offshore developer can charge you $20 to $30 per hour based on their experience.

3.3 App Store Cost

The foremost reason behind the app development is to launch the app in the market. Through the app store, people can easily download the app and connect with it. Before you launch your app, you need to decide whether you want to launch on the google play store or Apple store. To launch an app on the app stores, you have to create a developers account. For that, the Apple store will charge you an annual registration fee of $ 99. On the other hand, Google Play will charge you with one-time registration fees of $25.

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