The educational landscape is undergoing constant evolution. Educational apps have played a crucial role in reshaping the learning experience, addressing everyday classroom challenges, communication with teachers, incorporating interactive elements like games and quizzes, and facilitating online homework. Technological evolution has revolutionized the study process of students, making a significant impact on both teachers and learners in today’s educational environment.

When you start the journey of creating a compelling educational app as an ed-tech startup or entrepreneur, you need to first identify the proper problem that needs addressing. Every successful concept revolves around the identification and solution of an authentic issue. The key thing here is to start with a problem, not any product idea to sell or produce. Here are some of the best app ideas for school projects that are meant to motivate and help EdTech startups contribute meaningfully to the education sector.

1. AR-based Education App

AR based Education App


AR based app is an innovative app ideas for school projects, focus on attracting students’ attention and creating a realistic learning atmosphere in subjects like science, where they can participate in virtual experiments.

An education app that uses AR technology has three dimensional models, animations, and simulations which help learners see complicated ideas for better understanding. The app involves interactive quizzes, games, and challenges that encourage learners to participate actively making the experience of learning exciting.

Additionally, students may use these AR-based mobile apps for further detailed investigation of the Universe, Solar System and individual planets. It makes use of AR technology that gives the students an opportunity to have a three dimensional view of the concepts they are studying and this way the learning process becomes more interesting.

Some of the example of best AR based education apps are:

  • Math Ninja AR
  • Elements 4D
  • MathAlive!
  • Quiver

2. Tutor App 

Tutor App

The other common, but unique concept entails developing an app for a custom teacher or online coaching. Through this, one can easily book on-demand tutors for different subject areas matching students’ needs as well as requirements. The students can choose tutors from a list and communicate with them, finding the best fit teacher. They can hire any teacher at any time and also choose whether they want students to learn online or in person.

Some of the best Tutors app for student are:

  • Varsity Tutors Live Tutoring
  • Wiingy App: Learn from Top Tutors
  • Revolution Prep App
  • To Go App
  • Yup – Math Tutoring App

3. Education Games and Quizzes App

Games And Quizzes App

Another intriguing app idea involves creating an entertaining educational app with different kinds of questions and games. It helps students in different age groups, play learning and quiz games based on academic requirements.

This app comprises various games and quizzes on topics such as grammar, math, and general questionnaires. This incorporates learning by students as well as assessment of their knowledge through a common ground. Students of any age also enjoy using the website as they have an opportunity to choose games and quizzes based on their level of interest and category.

Some of the best example of Education Games and Quizzes App are:

  • Quizizz
  • Quizlet
  • Kahoot!
  • Formative
  • Plickers

4. Performance Tracking App for School Projects

Performance Tracking App

This concept of the mobile application is designed for colleges and universities aimed at setting up a students’ tracker. This is an all-round application for parents to follow up on their kids’ attendance, performance in class, behavior, and general development.

This app idea for school allows parents to connect with teachers for conversations concerning their kids’ achievement. The app also allows for online payment of the fees and gives vital notification about examinations and lectures. The system offers a conducive environment whereby the parents are keenly involved in facilitating the education of their children.

Here are some of the best example of performance tracking app:

  • MasteryConnect
  • Schoology
  • GoFormative
  • Plickers
  • TeacherKit

5. School Bus App

School Bus App


The innovative concept that I can come up with here is designing a school bus application which will give parents and schools authorities real time tracking of children. The app also enables them to see the live position of the school bus driver and the rate at which they are moving.

This will allow parents to set notifications that they could use to be informed before arrival of a school bus. Such an app will allow schools to improve their security and offer more convenience for parents.

Some of the best School bus apps are:

  • Track School Bus
  • Buswhere
  • Treker
  • Here Comes The Bus
  • Ubica Bus

6. Question & Answer App

Question & Answer App

Create a general question-and-answer application, specifically designed for students to post inquiries related to any subject, chapter, or topic. Teachers can then respond to students’ questions.

This application is accessible to students and teachers of all age groups globally, bringing them together on a single platform for seamless interaction.

Here are some of the best Question & Answer App are:

  • Quora Ask Questions Get Answers
  • SnapSolve: Doubt Solving App
  • Medscape
  • Answer – Ask Questions Doubts
  • Socratic – Homework answers

7. Student Community App

Student Community App

It is one of the best app ideas for school project, designed exclusively for students, this app serves as a student community platform where individuals from various schools or universities can connect and make specific requests.

Catering to the preference of some students to communicate with peers of similar age groups, this app facilitates easy connections and chats, enabling students to inquire about anything related to their studies from fellow candidates

Here are some of best student community platform:

  • Discord
  • Slack
  • Goodwall
  • Padlet
  • Top Hat

8. eBook Reading App

EBook Reading App

Utilizing an eBook reading application, students or users can effortlessly access various books online. The application also incorporates an additional download feature if offline access is preferred.

This app proves highly beneficial for students, eliminating the need to carry physical books or make purchases. It offers convenient access to a wide range of books at any time through the online platform. Furthermore, users can enhance their reading experience by highlighting passages and making notes within the app.

Some of the top examples are:

  • Amazon Kindle App
  • Google Play Books
  • Apple Books
  • Barnes & Noble Nook
  • Kobo Books

9. Vocabulary App

Vocabulary App

Enhancing your vocabulary skills is crucial for success in a qualification examination preparation. An uncomplicated app idea for students includes quizzes, puzzles, and word games focused on vocabulary, ensuring an enjoyable and straightforward study experience while fortifying their language proficiency.

A reliable word bank is essential for individuals to articulate their thoughts accurately. An ideal vocabulary improvement app goes beyond introducing new words; it refines spelling, pronunciation, orthography, phrases, and more, providing a comprehensive language learning experience.

Here are some for the best apps to improve vocabulary:

  • Word of the Day
  • FluentU
  • Voxy
  • Memrise

10. Homework Reminder App

Homework Reminder App


Students often struggle to keep track of their daily assignments, compounded by the varying tasks across different subjects and additional tuition work. To simplify this process, consider creating a homework reminder app designed to prompt students about their assignments in a timely manner.

Here are some of the best homework reminder apps:

  • myHomework Student Planner
  • Show My Homework
  • iStudiez Pro
  • My Study Life – School Planner
  • Class Timetable

Some famous apps helpful for creating school projects:

1. Book Creator

Book Creator helps in creating your own ebooks in a very simple way, it helps students from kindergarten to high school to make their own picture books, comic books, photo books, journals, textbooks and more. These books can be easily shared, you can also publish it in the iBooks.

2. Shadow Puppet Edu

Awarded as the best app for learning in 2014 by American Association of Librarians. This app is useful for a class presentation where students can create wonderful slide presentations using the app features to create beautiful slides, there is at least something for a class of students with mixed capabilities, it is important to provide them with equal opportunity to express themself better.

3. Explain Edu

It is a widely accepted powerful learning app, it is known for its screencasting feature, with the help of this incredible feature students can record their voices and demonstrate their understandings of any particular topic and can share it with appropriate audiences. This app is without a doubt one of the most useful and sharping tools.

This app enables students to make meaning of the components they gather from the internet such as images and videos, it is very important to give them resources to dig out the digital world, with the help of Thinklink students can share their knowledge with other students around the globe.

5. MyHomework

With a very clean and clear layout, MyHomework app is a student planner app that comes free in the stores, however, the free contains features advertisements, the best feature of this app is alert and notification which can be set to remind you of every exercise like homework and revision.


If you are an educationist and want to bring digital tools into your practice for the betterment of the students and puzzled with ideas to create an app, this blog can help you with generating the valid idea for your mission, however, the education system today is majorly digitized, students are taught with the help of digital aids to make them digitally sound, along with the numeracy and literacy skills, it is equally important to train our children with digital literacy.

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