1 The Client

Client is Window Nations, the largest window installation company in the DMV area.

2 The Challenge

Sales people in the window installation business go door to door to estimate the cost of the installation. Windows have 100s of options, sizes and features, which decide the cost of the installation. Client’s sales people were doing the estimations on the piece of paper using a calculator. This was time consuming and also very prone to mis-calculation. Client wanted to build an iPad App to solve this challenge. They hired Simpalm to build the sales estimation app.

3 The Solution

We built iPad App for Estimation and Contract

Window Nation is an innovative solution for sales & marketing representatives in the fields. This app work excellent on iPad device and helps representative to capture client requirements to change or repair window, siding and doors at their house/office. After submitting the data, the app generates an estimate for client project. Field reps can create individual or multiple projects to gather the client requirements. This app exclusively developed for internal use of Window Nation sales and field representatives. We have developed a solution that can create multiple projects and add customer requirements. The iPad app is also capable of estimating the client requirement and generate quotation.

App Features

Customer & Appointment Lookup

  • Users can look up all the customers’ info, and the app syncs with CRM.
  • User can see all the upcoming appointments.
  • These allow sales people to plan the schedule.

Project and Pricing

  • User can setup what project for a customer.
  • User can customize the selection for the project.
  • User can see the estimated price for the project and customer.
  • Reps can access the device camera and take the photo at client location.

Contract, Change Control and Signature

  • Users can finalize the contract with the customer.
  • It generates the PDF for signature.
  • Once a customer signs the contract, it is sent to the CRM.
  • Users can also generate a change control for repair or additions.


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