1 The Client

Client is a startup based in Baltimore. It was created by two brothers, John and Nathan. John is an ex marine and Nathan is a marketing genius.

2 The Challenge

Founders wanted to change the way we get updates about real time events in our city/neighborhood. General news media has bias and sometimes we don’t get the facts, we see the propaganda more than the real news. Founders wanted to build an app that can make everyone a journalist and reader of real time events like protests, events, shows, shows or anything happening in the local area. Founders did not have expertise in building mobile apps, they looked for a local iPhone app development company and found Simpalm.

3 The Solution

We build mobile app and admin application

The Real Time app connects people with their communities’ allow them to know the news and events happening in real time. The App allows anyone to publish video, photo and content for events happening around them. With a Real Time App you can get news, which is not manipulated. The app creates a closed network that displays geo and time verified photos and videos. The app covers all “real news” by providing local and national Media outlets with verified contents. The Realtime app is a tool you can utilize and have your listeners/viewers/readers become active participants in spreading important news in your communities.

Mobile Features

Post real time content

  • User can post picture or video.
  • User can geotag the media.
  • User can create hashtags.

View Real Time Data

  • User can see the local map with pins of events.
  • Clicking on the pin will take user to the content.
  • User can flag a content.

View trending news

  • Users can view trending news by hashtag.
  • User can see all the content for the hashtag.
  • User can see who posted the content.
  • User can see stats of the content.

Connect with friends

  • User can see all the content posted by another users.
  • User can see all the content by his/her profile.
  • User can share the content on Facebook/Twitter.

Client Testimonials.

Simpalm delivered an app for a successful launch. Informed by industry expertise, the team guided the project with valuable insight to encourage product improvements. They provided a detailed overview of the process and simplified complex concepts, which ensured a valuable engagement.

John Kauffman
FOUNDER, RealTime App


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