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realtime app realtime app
realtime app realtime app
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App Description.

The Real Time app connects people with their communities’ allow them to know the news and events happening real-time. The App allows anyone to publish video, photo and content for events happening around them. With Real Time App you can get news, which is not manipulated. The app creates a closed network that display geo and time verified photos and videos. We have developed the app for a startup based in Maryland, a client in local area. The app covers all “real news” by providing local and national Media outlets with verified contents. The RealTime app is a tool you can utilize and have your listeners/viewers/readers become active participants in spreading important news in your communities.

The RealTime App has the following features:

  • The app displays geographically verifiable videos and pictures.
  • Collaborating point of view with other videos and pictures from the Real-Time® community.
  • Users can tag locations and topics, to see what is trending across the network,
  • Search location specific news and media.
  • Real-Time® users will have a user agreement similar to Facebook. Users can flag other vids/pics for possible misuse which is sure to happen.

Challenges and Solution.

  • The client wanted us to develop a comprehensive app that curates real-time news and stories from local communities. Everything has to be real and aggregated from several sources like Media references videos from YouTube, Newsroom managers, publishers, and others in media. Also, they wanted the news/publication could not be manipulated and edited. The news source has to be genuine and readers get true geolocated news.
  • The client was not technical and doesn’t know anything about the app development process. They did not know how to create user stories, designs and how the app can be developed using appropriate technology. Through several meetings, we give them the solution and educated regarding the app development process. We have collected all the requirements after signing the software development agreements and created the user stories, workflow, clickable designs and get them approved from the client.
  • After getting approval from the client, we have developed an iPhone app with all desired features for readers and an admin panel for the client to update the news in real-time. The RealTime app is to display newsworthy content with photo/videos that are accessible and valuable to media outlets. Our development team closely worked with the Project manager and client during the development process. We have completed all milestones and implemented features. After completing each milestone, we provided builds to the client and they have done user acceptance testing. After implementing all the features, we have published the app on iTunes store and get it approved.

App Screenshot Gallery.

The Realtime App has features like map to view nearby news, trending news, photo/video-based news, account/profile page and many more capabilities. Protection Status