1 The Client

Our client was a marketing company who was working with a big association to create the conference app.

2 The Challenge

Our client (the marketing company) had this project to manage the entire event for WSWA. Our client wanted to build a mobile app for WSWA annual conference, however, our client did not have in-house expertise to build the mobile apps. They reached out to Simpalm, a leader in app development in Maryland. Their conference was in two months and they had to build the app within two months. Simpalm took the challenge of building the mobile apps in two months and delivered the solution.

3 The Solution

We built app on iOS and Android

Client already had the existing UIUX designs for the mobile apps. Client also built a backend system on PARSE. We took the designs and created the UI of the application in 4 weeks for both iOS and Android. In the next two weeks, we integrated the app with the backend and made the app fully functional. Simpalm has a team of the best social media app developers, we designed and developed this application with a set of robust features like Schedule Builder, Event Listing, Directory, and Voting/Award sections. This app streamlined the processes for partners and distributors who attend the event to enhance business operation. This convention app is a premier event where distributors seek out new beverage products and also meet partners in the event to increase their internal operations.

App Features

Build your own schedule

  • App shows event recommendations and keeps up to date attendees on what’s happening now.
  • Attendees can access Event List, Event Schedule and add particular events in their profile.
  • This app is built with Schedule Builder to customize your schedule and include events in your own personal view.

List of Exhibitors

  • User can see list of exhibitors by name and location.
  • See details about exhibitors.

View Attendees and Contacts

  • User can see list of all the attendees and reach out to them.
  • See details of support contact at the event.

Tasting and Competition

  • Users can view all the tasting competitions happening in the conference, see the timings of the competitions and also see the organizer.
  • Users can see the judges of the competitions.

View Session Track

  • Users can see the events by a session tracks, Users can see the location of the session track, timing and other attendees of the session.

Participant Mobile App Experience


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