1 The Client

WineMatch.com is a wine matching and event management company based in California. They started with a website with features to allow wine connoisseurs to find wineries, wine tasting events and ability to match the food with the wines.

2 The Challenge

Client started with a website, which became very popular with the consumers. However, the website was not very user friendly on mobile phones and users also had connectivity issues during the wine tasting events. Client wanted to build a mobile app to provide better user experience and additional features, however, the client did not have in-house capability to build mobile apps. Client reached out to Simpalm to build the app. Simpalm jumped on the challenge and built the app in 3 months.

3 The Solution

Built amazing mobile app for Wine lover

This app is specifically designed for people who love to attend wine events to keep track of their favorite wines. Simpalm has a team of best social media app developers, they designed and developed this app with a beautiful user interface and smooth navigation. A lot of times if you attend a wine event, it is hard to keep track of all of the wines you have tasted. This creates an electronic record for you so you don’t have to take written notes. It’s as easy as scanning the QR codes in front of the wines. After you add the wine to your favorites, rate from one heart to three hearts and enter your notes by clicking on the note icon. You can now also save wineries that you like instead of a specific wine. Either search for the winery in the search area in the APP or scan the winery QR codes at the events where you see a WineMatch QR code on the winery table. Keep notes on the winery and rate the wineries as well.

Mobile App Features


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