1 The Client

Client is a satellite communication company based in Virginia. Clients work for government agencies like DoD and Intelligence Community.

2 The Challenge

Client manufactures a niche satellite communication device which is used in top security environments. The device has a touch screen and a communication module, the cost of the hardware is very high, roughly around $3K per device. Client wanted to reduce the cost of the device per person. The client came up with a strategy to build a mobile app that communicates with a thin communication device, the cost of the device is under $300. Client did not have in-house expertise to develop the iOS and Android Apps. Client looked for local companies with app development capabilities and reached out to Simpalm.

3 The Solution

We built mobile apps for satellite communication

Simpalm is one of the top Android app development company in the USA, we successfully designed and developed the apps on iOS and Android for the client. Simpalm worked with the client to understand the current device and the communication protocol over Bluetooth. We first designed the UI of the application and coded the user interface of the app in iOS and Android. Thereafter, we created a BLE connection library for iOS and Android to make sure we can send and receive messages from the satellite communication device. The sat comms device is an iridium satellite network tracking device. Through the satellite network data is relayed. The sat comms device needed specific command triggers to relay precise information to the user. Our interface had to send the exact command trigger that matched the functionality. We used SatTerm software, a product, to configure the sat comm device. SatTerm is an emulator with a GUI with command input capabilities and displays information retried. The user can control the sat comms device by sending commands triggered from the app. With this functionality users can send and retrieve information.

Mobile App Features


  • Users can test and establish the connection with the sat com device.
  • User can set the GPS, LED settings.
  • Users can read the unit parameters and user information.

Data exchange and tracking

  • Through the app interface users can relay GPS location data and geofence data.
  • The user has the ability to send and receive text messages.
  • The app includes several reporting tools to display data called through sat comms.
  • Full diagnostic utilities allow the user to monitor satellite connection, unit info, and reporting rates.


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