1 The Client

Verigo is an IoT company based in Florida, USA. Verigo™ is on a mission to reduce supply chain abuse and help keep the products you rely on safe.

2 The Challenge

Client had built an MVP app on iOS and a Web application. Client did not have in-house capability to develop the Android App. Client found Simpalm and reached out to us to build the Android app. They wanted to build the app, which connects with their IoT sensors over Bluetooth. App also had to efficiently communicate with Verigo’s Asset Tracking hardware called Pods to read, sync and analyze the data. Simpalm had past experience in building IoT apps. Client hired Simpalm, one of the best Android app development company, based upon our expertise and credentials.

3 The Solution

We Built a Mobile App

We Verigo is a data loggers application to monitor temperature and/or relative humidity in production, storage, or transportation using the wireless pods. Client had to demonstrate the MVP in 2 months and we delivered the app to clients in less than 2 months to meet the timeline for Phase 1. Verigo App interacts and communicates with Verigo’s asset tracking hardware to monitor the condition of shipments from pick-up to drop-off locations. This app ensures the safety of perishable products in various supply chains around the world.

Mobile App Features

Immediate Insight

  • Save time and eliminate the need to find your data logger.
  • Avoid opening containers to retrieve data.
  • Speed up your QA processes.

Shipment Integrity

  • Set sensor minimum and maximum thresholds.
  • Be alerted when something goes wrong.
  • Bring accountability to your supply chain.

No Infrastructure Required

  • Fit all the infrastructure required into your pocket.
  • Eliminate the need for proprietary readers and cables.
  • Maintain your supply chain solution with little overhead.

Complete Shipment History

  • View complete sensor logs and basic statistics.
  • See when and how long sensor thresholds were exceeded.
  • Email the data from your phone or tablet.


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