As an app founder, you would like to work hard to get featured on the App Store. You would like to secure a position for your app where it gets A place on App Store where your app can be seen and downloaded several times. Everybody wants to be featured in the App Store. A spot on Apple’s feature page is a powerful way to boost traffic, increase visibility and drive downloads. With over 2 million apps available in the App Store today, the competition for getting noticed by editors is aggressive. There are several tactics you can leverage to improve your chances.  

Get Ratings and Reviews on App Store

After building and publishing the app, your focus should be on marketing and selling the app to build a large customer base. In addition, you should promote your app via the public facing website and social media marketing. Also, you must want to include a rating/feedback section in your app so that the user can submit a rating and leave reviews on the App Store. An App with good feedback and rating always encourage users to download your app. Another factor is to upload app screenshots with a description on top so that the user can easily understand what is the app about. Customer engagement is effective marketing efforts and you should run newsletter to update app users with the latest news.  

App Store Optimization

User has the ability to search your app on the App Store and Google. You should precisely add content with certain keywords in various sections of the app description. App Store Optimization is meant to drive more traffic and ultimately more downloads by increasing visibility which will help you get noticed by editors. The title of your listing should also include your main keywords. However, you should find a balance between including keywords and keeping your title succinct.

Identify Your App Audience

It is really important to analyze who is going to use your app, who is your targeted audience. You should conduct market research and see who can be potential app users? This task to be conducted in the initial stage and you should continue to focus on building new customers by targeting. Once you got the idea about ideal customers, you will get a chance to market the app to the same audience type. App Analytics, Usage, Download statistics will help in finding more customers.  

Focus on Providing Good Quality Service

Once you publish the app on App Stores, your focus should be providing quality services. Sometimes, it is hard for a startup business to provide quality service according to customer desires. A good system always takes time to fulfill customer expectations and you should conduct surveys and ask users for feedback. For example, if you are selling products through the app, you must check the quality of the product before shipping it to customers. You focus should be on delivering orders on time and ask the customer for feedback.

Increase Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a key factor for app success. App users are dynamic and they quickly download new apps and test what is new and fruitful. If you want to engage your customers, you should send newsletters, offers, deals and discounts to keep users engaged with your app. Announcement for new app features and version also help in engaging users in real-time.

Beautiful App Icon and Graphical Designs

As an app owner, you must focus on the visual presentation of your app. An app with stunning graphical designs and beautiful app icon attract users to download and test the app. An icon should be meaningful of what your app does. In order to increase the click-through rate to your App Store page, you must design an icon that stands out among a sea of competitors. Consider making your icon vibrant and use contrasting colors.

Frequently Update Your App

In order to engage user, you should frequently release a new version with add on features and certain design changes. Updating the app description also helps in optimization. You might rank up on the app store. You should consider user feedback and improve app functionality over time. New versions can be meaningful progress and allow you to make a versatile app. A featured app could be updated several times based upon user feedback and new features.   

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    Piyush Jain

    Piyush Jain is the CEO and Founder of Simpalm. He leads the business and engineering team to build the mobile and web product solution for clients. He loves to write thought leadership articles on IoT, Mobile, Blockchain, BigData, Web and other software technologies.