Northern Virginia has transformed into an innovation hub from just being a place for government contracting.  Entrepreneurs and startups are working on innovative ideas to make a difference. Simpalm is one of the top software development companies for startups and works as a partner to bring digital life to thier ideas while keeping within the budget and time. Startups require support, mentoring, resources and proper planning to execute the plan. Several incubators and organizations are working to help startups and early-stage businesses in arranging resources to help them grow and develop. Incubators are a non-profit organization and generally have partnerships or collaboration with government universities, colleges, public /private companies. Incubators have a team of experienced mentors and leaders, who support the startups in the arrangement of resources such as infrastructure, capital from investors, connecting with member institutes.

We have list some top incubators with whom you can contact for their services.

Fishbowl Labs

Fishbowl Labs incubator

Fishbowl Labs is a Northern Virginia’s premier incubator that has its incorporation in 2012. Brian McMahon and Bud Rosenthal are founders of Fishbowl Labs. It is an extremely small project that is located on the Dulles Campus of AOL. They provide high-growth startups, programmers, and designers with the opportunities to work in the most inspiring office space in Northern Virginia. Alongside over 1,000 AOL’s internet innovators across engineering, product, design, and UX many of whom are accessible almost daily via office hours and events. They help entrepreneurs in connecting and creating networks with qualified employees and employers of the same field.

Startup Virginia

Startup Virginia Incubator

Startup Virginia is a non-profit organization that has its incorporation in 201. They incubate the high growth startups that can support and advance the business for Virginia. Currently, they are serving/incubating more than 80 startups and young businesses with the support of more than 200 mentors. Along with the incubation, they provide entrepreneurial guidance and education that is open for all. SVA has a network of members, partners, investors, experts, and mentors. With their support, they provide startups with a dynamic workspace to make their business model effective. The members of startup Virginia believe in welcoming different types of industries and their products for incubation. They help startups in arranging resources such as staff, infrastructure, investment, and other resources. They connect the entrepreneurs with angel investors and help them to pitch for funding their startups.

Mason Enterprise Center

Mason Enterprise Center Incubator

Mason Enterprise Center is a partnership between George Mason University and the City of Fairfax Economic Development Authority (EDA). It is a business based program to support startups and young businesses for scaling their business. They have a team of professional staff that includes advisers, managers, entrepreneurs, and other personnel. They have already gone through the business development process and are aware of business-related issues. With their experience, they help the startups in arranging resources such as office space, staff, funds, and other resources. They also assist the incubated startups in connecting with the angel investors for raising funds. The startups are introduced with membered companies, experienced employees, and employers for their support. They conduct training programs from time to time to educate the entrepreneurs.

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MACH 37 Incubator

Mach37 is a Virginia based technology incubator incorporated in the year 2013. They have assisted more than 40 startups from the date of their incorporation. The Virginia state government supports them financially. They work with a prime focus on startups in the cybersecurity industry and assist them in arranging the required resources, such as finance, infrastructure, staffing, and others. They conduct 90 days training programs for the startups to help to build into a successful business. When the startup enters for their incubation with Mach37 they pay them $ 50,000 for 8 percent of stake in the startups. They assist the startups in the designing, development, and setting goals so that they can attract the investors for their further funding.

Topspin Labs

Topspin Labs is a venture of the Right Start Group. They incubate technology-related startups with a mission to support them to grow big. They help startups in the arrangement of sufficient resources, such as funds, workers, infrastructure, and other resources. For that, they provide startups with a network of contacts and help them to convert as business members.  The expert mentors help startups to carry out changes having a lasting effect on their business. They support startups to implement their capital strategies, such as raising funds from investors and securing their investments. To avail the benefits of the incubator, they have to enter into a partnership with Topspin Labs. The partnered startups are launched systematically after identifying the key tools that are helpful in the success of their venture. They support IT institutions in identifying a market place for their business.

LiftOff Health

LiftOff Health incubator

LiftOff Health is a Washington, D.C area based incubator that incubates only Health IT startups. At present, they have collaboration with more than 200 international companies, U.S government policymakers, and other global health-related companies. They are in partnership with Marymount University to help startups and early-stage businesses in scaling their business ideas on a large scale. The incubated entrepreneurs are helped in arranging significant resources, such as infrastructure, staffing, funds from investors, and other resources. They help the startups in networking with the other health-related institutes and the member companies. They help them in developing and designing their business models and carrying out sustainable changes in the business.


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