You might have the great idea to build a social networking app, but if you don’t know how social networking apps are built, you will not be able to turn your idea into reality.

You might think it is very easy to develop a social networking app that can create traction/demand in the market. However, if you don’t know what steps are needed to build a social networking app, you might fail in your endeavor. We have built several social networking apps for startups and companies, and they all have to follow certain steps. Here is a list of steps you should follow to build your social networking app:

1.Write down your idea

This is the first step to begin the process. You have imagined something new, innovative for next generation of social network that allow user to do creative things and engage. Your should put idea on a piece of paper and think what user will be doing while using your app. As an idea person, many times people don’t want to write down the idea and start working immediately. Keep in mind that this is  the critical step and can change the complete scenario. When you will start writing, you to see it from a different angles. You will be able to provide a better shape to your idea and understand the key aspects of your project .

2.Identify the audience and the objective

The success of social network app depends upon how much users you have. Here you will be thinking about your app users. Who is going to use your social media app? It is only yougster or all age group of people? Audience identification will help in designing more engaging social networking app. Like the social networking app are mostly used by the peoples of the younger age more than that of eighteen years. Knowing your audience helps you in designing the app according to their needs and wants making them comfortable to spend more time operating that app. when there is demand there are more chances of the success of the application. Accordingly you need to make possible changes in the app to fulfill the audience needs and without disturbing your concept. It is ongoing process and you must carry out changes with the change in the taste of the people.

3.Market Research

Once you have decided that your idea is great, unique and can have enough audience, then you should do a general market research.   

  • Find out how other social networking apps have done in last 3 years.
  • Identify the reasons why social networking apps have failed, and try to see if you can avoid those failures.
  • Identify the reasons why other social networking apps have succeeded, and try to see if you can replicate those success in your app idea
  • Analyze the general market trend for social networking apps: which apps people like, retention rate and others.

4.Identify the Monetization Strategies

Money plays a big role in making your social media app successful. You would feel more motivated when you start churning money from social app. It is obvious that you are developing the app with an intention to earn money. There are several ways you can monetize a social media app: by providing paid subscription, accepting and publishing advertisement, user data, in-app purchases, paid downloads of the app from the store. You should identify the right strategy for your social media app before you build it.

5.Rough Sketching of the App

Your ideas needs to be written down on a piece of paper. The sketching should be in an expressible way to get an overall view of the app functionality. You can find out drawbacks of your ideas when you start sketching.  Visual helps you to improve upon good ideas and read out the wrong ones. You can consult with family, friends or colleagues to get valuable feedback and improve the idea. .

6. Understand the Budget You Need to Develop Your App

You will be putting your money and time to build your app, so you should understand how much it cost to build your app. You can reach out to app development companies and get quotes from them. You should try to reach out to at least 5-6 app development companies to find the budget. Different companies will provide you different cost. Companies based in USA will be expensive compared to companies based in offshore locations like India or Eastern Europe. You will have to share idea and sketches to provide good estimate. Make sure you sign an NDA with them to protect your idea. Once you get quotes, that will give you idea about the money you need.

7. Understanding of Marketing Strategies and Cost

It doesn’t end at the development, you should understand different marketing strategies and cost associated with them. These days apps are marketed digitally: social media marketing, video marketing, seo marketing and other related digital marketing. You should decide if you are going to hire a marketing agency or if you are going to do it your self.Marketing agencies will charge you lot of money, marketing companies in USA will charge you may be $5000 a month for 60-80 hours of work. That is a lot of money. If you can learn basic marketing techniques and drive them your self of with the help of a freelancer, that is more economical way.

8. Hire an App Developer

After the planning the strategies for development and marketing the need of the developer arises how can give shape to your design, code the programme. you can hire professional or freelancer as a developer. The professional may charge high on the basis of their experience but will provide with effective and efficient social networking app. you can also hire an app developer offshore but it would cost more because geographical location affects the cost of the developer. For instance the developer in US charges about 100$/hr, but the developer in India charges about 30$ to 50$ per hour. Before you hire a developer go through with the past work done by the developer and you can ask for the feedback of the person who has worked with them.

9. Beta Testing and Launch

when the app is developed the final testing is performed by the clients or users who are not an employee of the company. They are allowed to provide their feedbacks on the designs, functions, and usability of the app. With such testing you can improve the quality and functionality of the app. It is cost effective method and a reliable test which will provide you with the customer satisfaction. when there is no bugs present in the app and user are satisfied with the working, the app can be launched.  

10. Capture Market Reaction and Enhance

when the social networking app is launched the experience and feedback of the user act as a motivator and helps you in identifying the effectiveness of the app. With the feedbacks you can understand the app issues and work on resolving them. You can make possible changes to the apps with the change in the taste of the user but without changing the features of the app.


Building social media app is a process that you should be aware of and follow carefully. You can add several features like other popular social media app but you should focus on the main features that earns you user base and provide value to your customers. Drop the attitude of copying features as it is from other network. In the end, you want to spend limited money to test the key features and hook up your customers to your social network platform.


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