A non-profit is all about helping the needy people, they are doing for good, a part of every non-profit deal with connecting more people to contribute in order to best serve the community, there are many ways to connect with new people and grow the helping hands. As we know that today technology is everywhere, around 60% of the US population uses smartphones, and the number grows every year, creating a mobile application is one of the best ways to connect with new people and engaging the existing members, it is time and cost-efficient, it can help a non-profit to grow as a community 10 times faster than the time it would normally take to grow.

There are thousands of non-profit organizations with their unique missions, there is no single formula for non-profit app development. We are one of the leading app development company in Chicago, and has developed several apps for non-profit organizations. With that experience, we are listing some basic features to be considered for the app to become successful.

1. Key Functions to Consider in Your App for Non-Profit

1.1 Receiving Donations:

A Maximum number of non-profit organizations are involved in fundraising, an application can receive funds through the appropriate payment gateway, providing users with appropriate payment gateway is a must-have function.

1.2 Booking of Event Tickets:

Booking the event tickets and the information about the event schedule is another important feature to consider, a user has to make a visit to book a ticket for the events, going mobile will not only reduce the visitor’s effort but it is also helpful in increasing the number of visitors.

1.3 Videos and Pictures Gallery

Show your user the great work you do, videos and pictures gallery depicts the idea to understand the motive of the organization, it also encourages other people to work for the social welfare.

1.4 Supporters and Sponsors Page

A separate page for supporters and sponsors can help you in more user engagement, which is needed to grow your followers’ list, an organization’s long term incentives are defined with the number of supporters.

1.5 Social Media Compatibility

Today a majority of the population is on social media, the app must be connected with social media, from login to content sharing option, all possibilities to social media compatibility should be covered with this feature.

1.6 Notification for Users

The news about every event and program has to be brought into public knowledge through different means of mass communication, the best way is to spread the news through mobile notification, it makes the process more personalised and user-centred, this method of sending notification saves a major amount of efforts in the process.

1.7 Contact us Section

Giving users an option to contact you in a personal way is very effective, through contact us form users can send their views and questions, with this feature you can have personal attention on every user.

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2. Some Existing Apps for Non-Profit

2.1 United National Calender of Observance

The UN Calendar app has the feature to show off the UN achievements with help of links to related photos and videos, one can share these links on the social media platforms through the app, content in the app is available in six different UN official languages, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish, as well as Bahasa Indonesia and Kazakh, you can simply change the language from settings to use the app in your native language.

2.2 SafeNight

When someone wants to escape domestic violence and in search of safe shelter, Safenight app is a great help, the user downloads the app and set up an account when someone is in need, the app will notify it to the other users who can help the needy people with the safe shelter, in case of no space available, the app allows user to donate immediately for the hotel room for the person in need.

2.3 Food Scores

EWG’s Food Score app helps to search for appropriate food items which are healthy, economical, good for health and good for the environment. The database includes nearly 80’000 food products, 5000 ingredients and 1500 brands, the product ratings are combined to come up with a score.

2.4 Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator, a non-profit 501 (c) (3) public charity There are 1.4 million non-profits in the US, these non-profits serving every sector imaginable, Charity Navigator helps donors to evaluate the right charity to donate, it gives ratings to nearly 7000 charities based on their accountability, financial health and transparency, the app does not allow advertising or donations from other organization.

Final Words

Above is the list of some successful non-profit apps, there are many non-profit apps in the stores to download, they are really helpful and leveraging work of the charity if you are a non-profit and looking for an idea to develop an app for your non-profit organization to help people more effectively and widely, you can have an idea from the above-listed apps, or you can create your own idea from scratch, the fact remains that app really works for non-profits

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