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Shift5 project is a marketing website for the Shift5 company. They specialize in data, analysis, and security for a wide variety of operational systems on land, in air, and by sea.

Shift5 marketing site has the following features:

  • Users can view the services/industries Shift5 offer.
  • User can view cyber security offerings.
  • User can learn about the Shift5 team.
  • User can view Shift5 blog about company happenings.
  • User can view open positions within the company.
  • User can submit contact form to learn more about the product.
  • Existing customers can login to their Shift5 portal.

Technology Used

  • HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3
  • PHP, MySQL
  • Progressive Web App, Responsive Design
  • AWS, EC2, Load Balancer, RDS

Challenges and Solution.

  • The application needed to be designed with a gutenberg block editor to achieve the desired aesthetic.
  • The Hubspot form needed to be connected with the company’s existing account. We were able to remedy this by testing in the Simpalm hubspot account and migrating into the Shift5 account upon launch into the prod account.

Web Screenshot Gallery.

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