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We have been working with Xamarin since its launch. We develop robust and scalable solution using Xamarin Framework. We combine our expertise of .NET, C# and Mobile Development to build native looking iOS, Android and Windows apps using Xamarin Studio. Our Go To Faster strategy always gains profit for our clients and save time & cost by delivering custom iPhone, Android app using Xamarin. We use full suit and tool of Xamarin to build bug free and seamless native cross-platform mobile apps. Our wide range of technology stack helps us to work for enterprise, fortune 5000 companies and emerging startups. Following are the prime services we offer using Xamarin:

Xamarin App Developers

  • iOS, Android and Windows Compatible Apps Development.
  • Xamarin Mobile Strategy and Development Consultation.
  • Port old .Net Apps to Mobile Platform.
  • Enterprise Hybrid Apps Development.
  • Custom Mobile Apps for Retail, Healthcare, Social Media, Financial Services, Real Estate and Augmented Reality.
  • Full Technical Support and Development support after launch and enhancement.

Why Hire Simpalm for your Xamarin Project?

We provide full, end-to-end mobile application development service, including design, coding, testing, deployment, promotion and support.


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  • We are expert with Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS to build near native Android, near native iOS and Windows apps for smartphones and tablets.
  • Our high quality and affordable cost makes us better than other Xamarin Developers in USA.
  • We can work on Fixed Cost and Hourly Basis for your project.
  • We can integrate all popular backend technology like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and SalesForce in your Xamarin Apps
  • We are skilled in using existing C# code to build Xamarin Apps.
  • We can use SAP in your Xamarin Apps.
  • We can add powerful features such as analytics, security, and encryptions in your Xamarin project.
  • Several Years of experience in Xamarin development and other Mobile Technologies.
  • We guarantee for exceptional quality application.
  • We stay up to date with the latest technological changes.
  • Top Rated Xamarin Developers with specialized niche experience.

  • Simpalm has created a very impressive team of top rated developers. Out of top 40 companies we interviewed for our project, Simpalm was the only one that provided a clear understanding of how the architecture and software would be created and managed. Many other companies quit on us in the bidding process saying,”it’s just too difficult and we lack the expertise. I highly recommend Simpalm if you are going to be developing software, whether it’s native, web based or a complex implementation to your existing system. These guys are smart. Really smart. I’ll be using them indefinately. I’m happy to talk in person about my experience with them anytime. Email me: [email protected]” 
Service Category: iOS Software Development
Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value.
  • We really liked working with Simpalm, they contracted with us about 18 months ago, we are really happy with their work and have no complaints at all. They did everything they said in the contract. They not only developed Audio Chef App but, also helped us with support after the app development was completed, and suggested marketing strategies too. We appreciate their hard work and dedication. Thanks Simpalm for creating and raising Audio Chef, without any hurdle. We plan on contracting again with Simpalm for the next collection of recipes for Audio Chef Co. Overall, Simpalm was great to work with. I would recommend them to anyone. Reference can be viewed at :
  • Our goal was to produce a mobile app that was usable for iOS and Android.  It is a social engagement app as well as a mobile billboard for certain retail businesses.We did some background research. We wanted an expert team with background in social networking apps. That was important to us. We interviewed a several companies and decided on Simpalm. I’m satisfied with their work. They’ve been a pleasure to work with.  We have been working with them for three years.
  • I am the CEO of QRganize. We introduced QRganize to the world in December 2011. It is the first QRcode app that allows you to scan QR codes and organize them into categories of interest. Revisit, manage and share scans on the web or on the go. We could not have accomplished this groundbreaking technology without the work of our partners at Simpalm. They helped take our concept and build it into a world class iPhone application, treating our project as their own. They also designed and developed our website, which is very appealing and great. When we were making the decision on which app company would help us build QRganize, we were looking for an organization that would have the experience, scale to grow with us, as well as have access to world class talent. Further, we wanted people who understood our project and would collaborate closely with our design team on a regular basis, to avoid missteps and lost productivity.
  • I’m very satisfied with Simpalm. I wouldn’t have another developer to compare them to, but speaking with some friends that have had stuff developed, it seems like I had more people on my project than it sounds like any of my friends have had on any of their projects for websites. Considering that I’m in Alaska and they’re on the East Coast, there was never a problem with communication. I’d hear with them within hours and minutes sometimes. They covered everything exactly how I wanted. They gave me sample versions when I was testing it. You got to try it out before it was fully released and they approached exactly how I was wanted to be approached if I was a larger business and wasn’t just doing this on the side. They also supplied feedback and gave me some ideas on things to do. I strongly recommend Simpalm. I would give them five out of five. They did great job.
  • It was not easy for me to find a company to write this app. I spoke with several developers and they made me feel that it was a small project and they wanted to rush through this. Thats not what i wanted. Piyush and Simpalm did not do that at all. He never made me feel that I was any less than any of his other client. He met me personally and he walked me through the process and exactly what he needed from me. Doing that, he completely accomplished my vision within the budget. I am very thrilled with the look and feel of the app. I could not have done this without Simpalm.

Benefits of Developing Xamarin App:

  • Truly native performance and user experience. Using C# and .NET libraries, native performance, native
    UI and device features can be easily accessible.
  • Genuine cost effective and modern solution with high efficiency of code reusability. Using single
    code you can achieve presence on multiple platforms like iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Using C# programming language, app logic underlying the UI layer, like input validations, database
    interactions, web service calls and backend integrations need to be coded once.
  • Code can be shared between iOS, Android and Windows using Portable Class Libraries (PCL) and
    appropriate application architecture. Using C# and Xamarin we can use upto 75% code that saves time and
  • Xamarin automates your testing process with Xamarin Test Cloud that ensures bug free apps with real
    device testing in the cloud.
  • For API Integration, Xamarin binds same APIs and UI controls that are used to build iOS and Android
  • Quick development using Xamarin Component Store. We use several component from our paid component
    hosting including UI Controls, cross platform libraries and third party web services that need only few
    line of codes to be incorporated into iOS and Android apps.

We Use Diverse Xamarin Tools, Better Ways to Build Xamarin Apps

Key success of building a cross platform mobile app is to build a robust Technical Architecture. For each Xamarin Project and Client, we build robust architecture while considering scalability and future enhancement. We adhere to the Object oriented programming principles like encapsulations, polymorphism, and component based programming (both architectural & class level) to build well-architected Xamarin mobile apps.

  • Xamarin Studio to develop iOS, Android compatible apps.
  • Visual Studio – We write the code in C#, Create User Interface in Android UI Builder and Xcode Interface Builder (XIB) to achieve native look and feel of the app. We use Xamarin with Visual Studio to develop Windows Phone apps as well.
  • Latest Version: We use Xamarin 2.0 with Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Andriod
  • Store Component: We use component store to integrate backend systems, 3rd party libraries, cloud services and UI controls directly into mobile apps.
  • Xamarin Test Cloud: We test mobile apps in the Xamarin Test Cloud. We test mobile apps to check how app performs against real user interaction.
  • Xamarin.Form: We use almost 40 controls and layout of Xamarin.Form, which are mapped to native controls at runtime. We use Xamarin.Form to create native user interface for iOS, Android and Windows phone app.
  • Xamarin Insight: We use Xamarin Insight to integrate Analytics, and Crash Reporting feature.

Simpalm offer following solutions using Xamarin:

  • We build end to end enterprise mobility solutions using Xamarin. We build enterprise solutions for
    B2B, B2C and B2E.
  • We securely integrate your enterprise data to mobile that help to increase business process and
    improve customer relationship.
  • Simpalm has expertise in integrating SAP, IBM, Salesforce and Oracle data to your Xamarin Apps.
  • We offer cost effective cross platform app development solution for emerging startup companies and
    Small-scale industries.
  • We develop MVP, prototype and full features iOS and Android app using Xamarin.
  • Our Quick launch approach helps these industries to accelerate business process and operation with
    digital presence.

Our Xamarin Developers have successfully developed several iOS, Android, Windows apps using Xamarin. Xamarin has a significant advantage that allows developers to use same IDE, language to create mobile apps. Xamarin is one of the most popular platform for developing cross platform mobile app. With 200+ happy clients, Simpalm is globally known as top rated mobile and web application Development Company, Call us or email us at [email protected] for a free consulting meet to discuss your Xamarin Development need.

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