Winmatch, a client of Simpalm, launched new iPhone App to keep track of wines liked by visitors at wine events.

Simpalm, a leading mobile app development company, custom built “Winematch Connect App” for iPhone for its client, which allows users to keep track of wines they like.WineMatch is a company, specialize in finding the right wine. At the center of WineMatch is a high-technology engine that uses combined sensory, chemistry and wine information. All this information is assembled to help them create a virtual “wine fingerprint”. Those wines that are close counterparts to one another are called MATCHES.

WineMatch Connect is a Wine APP specifically designed for people that attend Wine Events so they can keep track of the wines they like. 

A lot of times if someone attend a wine event, it is hard to keep track of all of the wines tasted. This app creates an electronic record so that users don’t have to take written notes. It’s as easy as scanning the QR codes in front of the wines. For full detail visit: