Audio Chef Co. is now featured in iTunes as Best New Food App, 2014.

Tackling a new recipe, especially for novice cooks, can be a daunting task. Forgetting ingredients, losing your place in a recipe, and getting oils and flour on your recipe page or your iPhone can really take the fun out of cooking. That’s where Audio Chef Co. comes in.
Unlike other cooking apps, Audio Chef frees your hands and eyes to focus on making your meal. No need for extra prep beforehand: Audio Chef will talk you through the whole process. Guided by a simple interface, gorgeous photos, and the narrations of Audio Chef creators Alexis Mullen and Ailyn Hoey, you’ll expand your technique as you expand your taste palette.
Mullen and Hoey began their friendship while waitressing in a restaurant. AppleMagazine spoke with Mullen about the inspiration for Audio Chef. “It was actually a miscommunication between my mother and I,” she told us. “I had just downloaded a book onto my iPod Touch at the time…and was telling my mom about it. She thought that I meant I had downloaded an audio cookbook… The idea came out of that.”

Right now, the app is free on iTunes and comes with four recipes from Audio Chef’s “30 Favorites” collection. You can read full story here at  :