The Client.

The client has decades experience working in identity and national security for the United states government. Working in the space for so long allowed the client to see the need for improved software solutions to support the mission of protecting peoples’ identity. This led to the creation of ZipID. ZipID is an application where employees and employers can submit and verify I-9 forms with a workflow that provides accuracy, privacy, and security.


The Challenge.

Employers require their new hires to fill out a Form I-9. New hires need to complete the form and submit identification documents to verify their identity. However, this process has many pain points. New hires can share their documents via multiple avenues so the employer has to track down all the documents. Oftentimes, not all the necessary information is submitted, which leads to incomplete information. In some cases the employer cannot follow up to verify the information.

The Solution.

Simpalm is one of the top Laravel app development company, we have developed mobile and web app, which allows new hires to submit their Form I-9 along with any accompanying documents. The mobile app guides the new hire through a step-by-step process of inputting information needed to complete the I-9, take photos, and submit the collected data to the employer. All this information is collected in one app and shared together.

The employer has a web app portal to send requests to their new hires for the Form I-9. They receive all the documents in one place so they can easily compare IDs to the I-9 without having to search for documents in different places or having to ask the new hire to resubmit the I-9.


Mobile App Features.


Home Page.

  • iconThe new hire receives requests from employers for the Form I-9 on the mobile app. After submitting the documents they can view and download documents they submitted.

Step-By-Step UI .

  • iconThe new hire follows a clear step-by-step process to fill out the I-9. The step-by-step process is tailored based on the user’s inputs. Inputs such as citizenship status and identification documents tailor the remaining workflow so the user only sees information relevant to them.

Extracted Data.

  • iconThe app extracts data from the photos captured of the new hires identification documents. This information then populates the I-9 to make for an easy and accurate process, which employers can rely on.


  • iconUser security is a critical part of the application. To protect new hire information, all data is automatically deleted from the DB after the employer process is complete. This means new hire information is protected and employers do not need to store sensitive data.

Web App Features.


Request I-9 Form.

  • iconEmployers can invite new hires directly in the application. The invitation sent from the employer web application goes directly to the new hires mobile account. From the web app, the employer can see which employees have been invited, who has submitted the Form I-9, and when the process is complete.

Easy Management.

  • iconThe employer can manage their account and the users who have access to the web application. Protection Status