The Client.

France based client. Be Real is headquartered in Paris, France.

be real app

The Challenge.

Clients sought a candid need for those who want their friend to be real in terms of posts and locations actually when they are posting. The challenge in developing this App was to enable both selfie and rear camera for real time posting and another was to develop Realmoji.

The Solution.

Simpalm is one of the best Social media app development company, We brought this vision into reality in the form of Be Real social media App. It’s so Candid that it captures the expression of the user while they click on Realmoji. Be Real sends a notification to each user once in a day, where they are asked to capture the Real shot using both selfie and rear cameras in 2 mins and share; this allows every user to be apprised of each other’s actual situation and action without any filter. Be real is the social media App that sets it apart from others when it comes to the reality of posts and locations. This is the beauty of the App, just reality and not faking.

be real mockup

Mobile App Features.

be real app

Alert to Post.

  • iconUsers get notified to make their Be Real post for the day.
  • iconNo prior notification or heads up.
  • iconBe Real brings together all the posts from your friends in feed at the same time.
be real app

Share what you’re actually up to.

  • iconEach user gets 2 mins time to capture their photo everyday.
  • iconThe special BeReal camera is designed to take both a selfie and a frontal photo simultaneously.
  • iconTo discover other’s posts, a user is required to post their Be Real of the day.
Be real app


  • iconShare your real photo publicly and discover what others around you are doing.
  • iconAll the 2 mins posts from your friends are posted at the same time.
  • iconNo filter, no editing, just the candid ones.
Be real app

Comments and reactions.

  • iconComment on your friend’s BeReal and chat with all their friends.
  • iconReact on friend’s posts with the exclusive Realmoji, your own emoji representation.
be real app

Home Screen.

  • iconSee your friend’s reaction on your home screen while they react with ReaMoji on your post.
be real app

Be updated with memories.

  • iconSee your Be Real memories on the calendar.
  • iconClick and share the memories with your friends. Protection Status