The Client.

Sawing High Climbers, LLC, is a tree services firm based in northwest Connecticut. Their services include pruning, cabling and bracing, lightning protection installation, insect and disease diagnosis and treatment, fertilizing, and removals. Sawing High Climbers is a member of tree care and tree protection societies and associations, which operate to provide environmentally friendly services and preserve the natural beauty of the northwest Connecticut area.

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The Challenge.

The client’s customers are spread throughout Connecticut. For each of their customers, Sawing High Climbers creates proposals for the tasks their customers need. Each proposal includes several tasks and the status of each task has to be tracked until it is fully complete. Before working with Simpalm, the client was keeping track of these proposals and tasks with several spreadsheets. The client managed the business this way but saw there was an opportunity to enhance the efficiency of the operations.

The Solution.

The best solution to fit the client’s needs was a web application. This served the client well because proposals and tasks are managed by the team that works in the office. We wanted to create a web application that consolidated the business operations into one place. This includes customer account information, existing and past proposals, task management, and field agent operations.

The web application allows users to follow a proposal creation process which includes the ability to add task descriptions, calculate proposal costs, and add important site details and notes for the customer. Each task is tracked through its entire lifecycle. As the tasks are completed the proposal is automatically updated. Overall we provided Sawing High Climbers an easy-to-navigate web app for managing projects. Since delivering the solution our client has shifted all operations to the web app and they have said goodbye to the spreadsheets.


Web App Features.

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User Management.

  • icon Users are given access with specific permission levels. These include, read, read and write, and administrator permission.
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Customer Accounts.

  • iconEach account includes customer details such as contact information and address. It also includes a library of all the proposals sent to the customer. The user can see the status of each proposal and task.
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Proposals .

  • iconThe user can create, edit, and track proposal progress. To create a proposal the user enters details in the required fields and selects values from preset options. The proposal cost is auto-calculated from the information entered or selected. The customers can select individual tasks from a proposal. The web app automatically updates the proposal based on the tasks the customer agrees to.
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Task Management.

  • iconA task list is generated based on all the accepted tasks. The task list allows the user to track and update each task throughout its lifecycle. As tasks are completed proposals are automatically updated. The user can also generate work orders from this task list. These are important for field agents who work on-site.
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App Management.

  • iconThe user can manage all the preset options that appear in a proposal. This allows the client to be autonomous. Protection Status