The Client.

This application was developed for ReBuild Inc., a premier installation and remodeling company providing their customers with a wide range of products and services; including roofing, siding, and gutter repair and installation.

rebuld app

The Challenge.

Due to the nature and volume of their work, the client required a resource that could create a detailed report that could be shared with their team for potential and upcoming projects. These reports would have to capture a number of key details of the customer’s project; images, descriptions, types of materials used, and other pertinent information. These reports would then also have to be exportable in different formats, to facilitate information sharing between different team members.

The Solution.

In order to provide a resource that would meet the requirements set forth by the client, Simpalm developed the Rebuild Report application. This application allows the client to create, save, and edit multiple reports; each of which can contain key details about the project, photographs and descriptions of the job site, and any information that would be helpful for estimation or installation purposes. These reports then can be exported and shared in a variety of formats, to allow for easy distribution between team members, customers, and other relevant stakeholders.

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Mobile App Features.


Create Report and Add Project Details.

  • iconNew project reports can be generated and edited.
  • iconPast reports are saved in the application and accessed and continually updated as necessary.
  • iconThe report creator can add specific and relevant details to the report.

Add Images and Descriptions .

  • iconImages can be uploaded and attached to a project report.
  • iconEach attachment includes a space for description to explain the image and provide additional details.
  • iconImages can be rotated and adjusted within the application to allow for easy viewing.

Export Project Report.

  • iconCompleted reports can be exported to ease distribution amongst stakeholders.
  • iconReports can be exported as a PDF, a .zip file, or be emailed directly. Protection Status