Looking for a Top Mobile App Developer in Chicago?

We are Simpalm and we have been creating successful mobile apps for more than seven years. In that time, we have designed and launched more than 200 innovative, affordable, and highly-successful mobile apps, including many for organizations in Chicago and surrounding Cook County.

Our work in Chicago naturally grew out of our central location within the East Coast metroplex–between New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., which has enabled us to work with and learn the competitive and strategic needs of a wide variety of businesses in major metropolitan areas throughout the nation.
We build effective mobile apps for every operating system and device. Our developers and designers have proven track records in all major technologies, including:

  • Chicago

    136 S. Delano Court, Suite B201 Chicago, IL 60605

    Phone: 312-544-0089

  • Maryland/DC Office

    11810 Grand Park Avenue, #500 Bethesda, MD 20852

    Phone: 301-825-5351

Mobile phones have become integral parts of day-to-day life in America, and that is especially true in the nation’s major metropolitan areas, where life is fast-paced and markets are highly competitive.

With its rich diversity of industry and cultural centers, as well as its robust tourism and numerous educational communities, Chicagoland has been eager for a highly experienced, affordable source of mobile applications to help organizations compete more effectively, reach new markets, and engage customers and prospective customers.
Simpalm’s extensive business experience is matched by extraordinary technical expertise. We create effective, affordable mobile apps using native development for iPhone, Android or Windows; as well as Hybrid App development approaches using all major cross-platform development tools and frameworks. We also design and build the backend server support your app requires.

Why Should You Hire Us for Your Mobile App Project in Chicago?

First and foremost, no one has more experience in creating sophisticated, affordable mobile apps for businesses. Period. We were one of the pioneers of sophisticated, custom-designed mobile apps for entrepreneurial startups and small- to mid-sized businesses. Today, we create mobile apps for any size of business or organization, but our sweet spot remains innovative startups and new revenue lines in existing businesses.

With Simpalm you get:

  • The creative, technological, and management skills needed to handle your mobile app development project from start to finish.
  • Exceptional business experience as well as mobile app development expertise, ensuring your app will effectively target and meet your business goals.
  • Assurance that your mobile app will be created on time and on budget.  If you are a startup looking for a quality app in the $10k-$20k range, Simpalm has the time-tested processes needed to affordably deliver the quality you need.
  • An uncommon level of sophistication in designing and executing mobile strategies that address key business and customer patterns, interests, and behaviors.

That’s why Simpalm is your best choice if you’re looking to find mobile app development services in Chicago.

Mobile Apps Provide Powerful Competitive Advantages

Chicago market leaders—and any organizations with designs on becoming market leaders—have identified mobile apps as the best way to intimately connect with people. Mobile apps can deliver immediate help, information, or entertainment, right into the hands of customers and prospective customers. They are the most powerful and affordable sales, marketing, customer service, and public relations tool available.

Until recently, however, those seeking mobile application development services were limited to large, expensive, corporate enterprises, or small, often unproven firms with little or no business experience.Many organizations have learned that the real power of mobile apps cannot be realized unless they are developed with business acumen as well as technical expertise. The ability to effectively exploit the advantages of mobile technology requires a broad and deep understanding of business in general and your industry, in particular.

The combination of technical and business experience enables the development of highly creative, data-driven, GPS-guided, mobile apps that can deliver huge gains in revenue, customer service quality, and cost-efficiency.

No One Does Mobile App Development Better Than Simpalm

Our team knows how to help your business or organization use mobile app technology to build revenue, seize an edge in highly competitive urban markets, or even create altogether new markets. Our comprehensive services will expertly lead you through every phase of your mobile app development project:

  • Concept and Strategic Business Goals
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design
  • Programming and Mobile Tool Integration
  • Backend Server Design and Database Integration
  • Launch Services and App Store Placement
  • Maintenance Support and Updates

How Has Simpalm Maintained Its Affordability?

With an extraordinary team of top designers, developers, and business experts, our customers have marveled at Simpalm’s affordability.How do we do it? Right from the start, we targeted innovative startups as ideal customers for a new mobile app development firm. Clearly, our services needed to be affordable in order for us to attract and acquire customers.

We wanted to be busy and we wanted to learn about as many markets and vertical markets as possible. And it worked! In the span of seven years we developed and successfully launched more than 200 mobile applications for a wide variety of businesses, from financial services to entertainment, government to professional associations, healthcare to universities and colleges.

In the course of all of that work, we determined the need to build an organization that could answer all of a client’s mobile application needs, and that meant we needed to be able to create applications for every platform and device.

In order to make that kind of service breadth practical, we needed to develop and refine processes to help us efficiently determine a project’s most important components—the ones that were essential to success. We then focused on finding the optimal paths to that success.As a result, Simpalm has remarkably efficient processes that help us quickly and thoroughly:

  • Understand the customer’s vision and strategic business needs
  • Identify key use cases, UI and UX requirements
  • Execute code development and backend support in tandem
  • Manage launch, marketing, and app store requirements

Thanks to the dozens of processes and workflows that we have perfected over years of work and hundreds of projects, Simpalm is able to provide mobile app development services extraordinarily fast and affordably. What began as a necessity, is now a built-in and proudly held part of our organization.