Client Testimonials

  • Bryan Stafford, President, AudiobooksNow

    Simpalm was able to reproduce our apps for native Android and iOS, which was a breakthrough in many ways. It made the apps work more efficiently, and it gave us a codebase, which could be picked up by a different developer easily. They did a phenomenal job of translating our existing apps into their respective native versions. Simpalm worked on a fixed-cost basis, which was ideal from our standpoint. We knew that they would finish the job without any cost fluctuations. We are extremely happy with the service and deliverables provided by Simpalm. They deliver wonderful mobile applications on tight timelines for very competitive pricing. Simpalm is highly recommended to others.

  • Gina Haldeman, Founder, Medical Software Innovation LLC

    My project was not very large scale but they treated me as if I was a big company. I think the focused attention they give to their clients is what makes them different. They did the entire project starting with the design and wireframe and then they did all of the programming. They also guaranteed that the app would function well and they would fix any bugs for free, but that was never a problem, we didn’t have to fix anything. They did some publicity for us as well, so they were a complete package. The app was for iOS and Android platforms.

  • Sean Evengelista, Founder, Podium Pro App

    Podium Cue and podium Pro App

    Simpalm has created a very impressive team of top rated developers. Out of top 40 companies we interviewed for our project, Simpalm was the only one that provided a clear understanding of how the architecture and software would be created and managed. Many other companies quit on us in the bidding process saying,”it’s just too difficult and we lack the expertise.

    I highly recommend Simpalm if you are going to be developing software, whether it’s native, web based or a complex implementation to your existing system. These guys are smart. Really smart. I’ll be using them indefinately. I’m happy to talk in person about my experience with them anytime. Email me:” 
Service Category: iOS Software Development
Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value.

  • Leslie Hendrix, EVP – Product Development, Forte Payment System

    Forte Payment Mobile App

    Simpalm built our mobile payment app on iPhone and we are extremely satisfied with the service they have provided. They completed the project successfully. There are no complaints to report. Simpalm is highly recommended to others.

    Reference can be viewed at

  • Josh L, Director, Breakthrough Collaborative

    Simpalm team was very professional, accommodating and communicative while working on our WordPress Web project. I highly recommend them for any WordPress project. My budget was limited and they were able to deliver the quality website within my budget. No other developer in my local area was willing to commit the project in budget, but Simpalm team did. They treat their small and big clients equally well.

  • Alexis Mullen and Ailyn Hoey, Founder, Audio Chef App

    Audio Chef App

    We really liked working with Simpalm, they contracted with us about 18 months ago, we are really happy with their work and have no complaints at all. They did everything they said in the contract. They not only developed Audio Chef App but, also helped us with support after the app development was completed, and suggested marketing strategies too. We appreciate their hard work and dedication. Thanks Simpalm for creating and raising Audio Chef, without any hurdle. We plan on contracting again with Simpalm for the next collection of recipes for Audio Chef Co. Overall, Simpalm was great to work with. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Reference can be viewed at :

  • Madeleine and Randy Mersky, Founder, Taptin App

    Our goal was to produce a mobile app that was usable for iOS and Android.  It is a social engagement app as well as a mobile billboard for certain retail businesses.We did some background research. We wanted an expert team with background in social networking apps. That was important to us. We interviewed a several companies and decided on Simpalm. I’m satisfied with their work. They’ve been a pleasure to work with.  We have been working with them for three years.

  • Becky D., Marketing Manager, GreenBiz

    Simpalm has built our CMS based WordPress website, it was a very long project and they provided us excellent services. They kept the process very transparent, entire team was using basecamp to manage the project. They completed the project before deadline and it was very well designed, tested. They was also able to link the website with our internal database to make it easier for our operation department. I have very high regards for Simpalm team for WordPress Web Projects.

  • Rob Whitley, CEO and Founder, QRganize

    Qrganize App

    I am the CEO of QRganize. We introduced QRganize to the world in December 2011. It is the first QRcode app that allows you to scan QR codes and organize them into categories of interest. Revisit, manage and share scans on the web or on the go. We could not have accomplished this groundbreaking technology without the work of our partners at Simpalm. They helped take our concept and build it into a world class iPhone application, treating our project as their own. They also designed and developed our website, which is very appealing and great. When we were making the decision on which app company would help us build QRganize, we were looking for an organization that would have the experience, scale to grow with us, as well as have access to world class talent. Further, we wanted people who understood our project and would collaborate closely with our design team on a regular basis, to avoid missteps and lost productivity.

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