Whenever you’re about to build an app, the primary and foremost question that might come to your mind is that the time it takes to create an app. you wish to understand as it helps you identify the product timeline and setup an idea for your product launch. The period may vary based mostly upon the scope of the project and also the method you follow. A smaller app can take shorter time compared to an even bigger app. I can take example of 3 apps with variable size and so will show you usually however long it takes to finish those apps. this will give you an idea of how long your app would possibly take.

I am taking example of Instagram App, I have listed all the options in existing App and grouped options to create a small sized, mid-sized and large sized Instagram app. This table can assist you verify in which class your app falls in.


Features Small Version Mid-Size




Login/Signup with Email, Facebook, Forgot Pswd, Change Password YES YES YES
Newsfeed with activities YES YES YES
Access Phone Camera, Take Photo, Add/Upload Photo from Gallery, post in the app. YES YES YES
Follow/Following Other Users YES YES YES
Share Photo Facebook YES YES YES
Search Users, View User Profiles, Edit Profile YES YES YES
Connect to Facebook Friends, Invite Facebook Friends YES YES YES
Like & Comment YES YES YES
Login/Signup with Phone No, Phonebook Access, Invite phone contacts to the app. YES YES
Share to Followers or Direct (While sharing photo/video, user can select whether they want to share with their followers or Direct with their friends) YES YES
Send Photo Directly to Specific Users YES YES
Add Story in the app (It is listed on Top of the Homepage. It is basically photo/video added with story/description.  When you click on any user profile photo, it will open photo/video and story added by user. App will run user Story in a slider.)
Add Emoticons with Photo and Video YES YES
Capture Video, Add/Upload video in the post. Video Playing. YES YES
Push Notifications YES YES
Add Locations, Tag People in Photo/Video YES YES
Share on Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr YES YES
Messaging/Chatting YES
Apply Filters & Photo Editing YES
See Following Activity YES
Advance Upload Settings YES
Suggestions by App for users and content YES
Multilingual App YES

How long it takes to do scoping and requirements

Scoping and requirement gathering is the initiative for any mobile app development. You wish to capture the feature list, produce elaborated needs and scope of the app. If you’re good at it, you’ll do it in 1-2 weeks for smaller app, 2-3 weeks for mid-sized app and 3-4 weeks for larger app. you’ll have to check out different apps within the market and choose what options are important for your mobile app.


Small App 1-2 weeks
Mid-Size App 2-3 weeks
Big Size App 3-4 weeks

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How long it takes to do UI/UX design is needed?

The design is that the most vital step to make the mobile app. the process needs to make the wireframes for the mobile application based upon the requirements and review/adjust them. Once wireframes are done, the graphical UI design has to be completed which incorporates font, color, theme, and pictures for the App. For an easy app, you wish 3-4 weeks to for this process, 6-7 weeks for mid-sized app and 9-10 weeks for a big App design process involving many UI and UX consultants.


Small App 2-3 weeks
Mid-Size App 5-6 weeks
Big Size App 9-10 weeks

How long it takes to do development and testing

Most of the startups and people need to create apps with lots of features imaginable. Based upon the feature list and type of company, will confirm the time it takes to develop the app. you’ll got to build the mobile app and also the backend for the mobile app. All development: iOS App, Android App, Backend should happen in parallel. For smaller version, it can be achieved in two months, mid-sized app can take around 3-3.5 months whereas a big sized app might take around 5-6 months. This can involve technical design, UI coding, backend setup, purposeful implementation, integration and testing. You should have 5-10 alpha tester throughout this process.


Small App 6-7 weeks
Mid-Size App 14-15 Weeks
Big Size App 20-22 Weeks

How much time to do beta testing and deployment

Once your app is totally developed, you wish to do beta testing to seek out extra possible bugs. you’ll spend 1-3 weeks on beta testing relying upon the scale of your app. confirm to own a list of beta testers prepared and do it very aggressively to finish it.


Small App 1 Week
Mid-Size App 2 Week
Big Size App 3 Week


As you can see that point for every step can rely upon the scale of the app. At high level, you wish to stay around 10-12 weeks for a small app, 23-25 weeks for mid-sized app and 35-38 weeks for a large sized app. you also want to create sure that you have an experienced team working on it otherwise it can get delayed.

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