The Challenge.

Our client is Wiley group. Wiley group is one of the largest players in the education industry with various products and services. Their website was old and not mobile responsive. They reached out to Simpalm to redesign and redevelop their website.

The Solution.

We started the project with a kickoff call and collected all of the client’s requirements and content. Their content team provided the content and photo for all the pages. We created an information architecture of the website and built a clickable wireframe for the website. Once the client approved the wireframes and IA of the website, our create team did the visual designs of the website. We designed all the pages for desktop and mobile.

Once the design was approved, we coded the design in WordPress and created a template for each unique page. We added all the content in the WordPress admin. We first completed the website on staging and tested it across various browsers and devices. Once the client approved the website on the staging server, we made it live.

  • HTML

  • WordPress

  • PHP

  • AWS

Multilingual Support Worldwide.

The website has visitors from all over the world, we added multi language support in the website. The website support, English, Chinese, French, Dutch, Norwegian.

Show the whole solution concisely.

Disc is a very big product with multiple features and use cases. We created a solution section to display all the product features with icons and individual sub product pages. We also added relevant resources and blogs to educate the visitors.

Resource and Blog section.

Everything Disc has several eBooks, pdf and blog content created continuously. We created a resource section to make it easier for visitors to see all the helpful resources in one section and download them. Blog section has content by category and their team can easily add blogs from the WordPress admin.

Visitors to become a partner.

Everything disc relies on its partner to expand and have a larger user base. Its partners include consultants, trainers and coaches who coach teams for everything disc. We created a section where people who are interested in becoming partners could easily see the content. Visitors could also access existing partners by doing a search. Protection Status